Do I need insoles for hiking

Do I need insoles for hiking?

You must be wondering whether you need insoles for hiking or not?

To answer it shortly, you don’t need insoles for hiking however, they make your hiking experience much less painful and safe!

Insoles are designed to fit your foot’s contour. Insoles, which are almost usually more substantial than the footbed that comes with your hiking shoes or boots, not only provide more consistent and long-lasting cushioning, but also keep your feet straight, solid, and in position. This helps to prevent blisters by reducing rubbing and friction, as well as optimising your gait to reduce the chance of injury.

Climbing mountains or even walking a large number of steps in a single day puts a lot of load on your feet. The hiking insoles will provide ample arch support to help your feet cope with the stress you’re putting them through.

The insole provides unrivalled support and has been shown to reduce strain by up to a third in clinical studies. This helps you to trek for extended periods of time without becoming exhausted, as well as avoid overuse problems.

Unique density mapped bases in the insole flex with your foot’s natural motion while still providing support. This indicates your insoles aren’t preventing your feet from moving and operating the way they were designed to. Instead, they’re naturally assisting your feet in doing the task you’ve asked of them.

Insoles for hiking boots protect your body beyond your feet

The human body is a complex, interconnected system that begins with the feet. You may encourage effective biomechanics in your hiking boots to minimise discomfort and damage in your ankles, hips, knees, and back by using the correct inserts.

The Insole Shape combines a deep heel cup with better arch support to keep your body in a neutral posture when hiking. This helps to improve posture, avoid disorders like overpronation and supination and reduce joint strain.

Moldable insoles provide individualised support for your feet’s unique contours and shape. This means you can go hiking knowing your feet are getting the best possible care without having to pay for a prescription orthotic.

I personally use Soul Insoles, I have tried many different insoles and honestly, none of them even come close to the cushioning and arch support that Soul Insole provides. (You can read my Soul Insole review here)

Wearing insoles while hiking makes for a more comfortable, confident hike

Once your insoles have conformed to your specific feet, they act as a dynamic second skin, providing you with the support you need while also properly dispersing pressure throughout your whole foot. As you log kilometres on lengthier excursions, this consistent distribution of pressure helps prevent hotspots and suffering.

Hiking with insoles might also help you improve your balance and stability. As you cross stony beaches, wobbly stream crossings, and other uneven terrains, this makes a significant difference in your confidence.

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