Best Hiking Insoles for Flat Feet

Best Hiking Insoles for Flat Feet

Physical therapy, stretching, strengthening exercises, rest, and maybe foot surgery are some of the professional and at-home therapies you can attempt to treat fallen arches. However, orthotic shoes and insoles can make a significant impact.

The best flat-footed insoles provide relief from foot aches and pains while also preventing injury.

Look for models with contoured arch support, shock absorption, and heel stability while shopping. You’ll also want to make certain that the size and width are correct.

Are high arch insoles good for flat feet?

Flat-footed people are frequently perplexed about how much arch support they require. They’re undecided about whether to choose a soft, comfortable shoe insert or one with a structural arch. To help with heel stability, flat feet require insoles with structural support that have a low to medium arch height and a deep heel cup.

The soft inserts you see at the drugstore may feel wonderful for a few days, but you’ll eventually find yourself back where you started, looking for comfort for your flat feet. That’s because your feet require strong, structured support in order to be healthy and energetic.

The first step in finding the finest insoles for flat feet is determining whether you have stiff or flexible flat feet. Because the ideal flat foot footbed arch height for each arch is varied, it’s necessary to distinguish between stiff and flexible flat feet.

When you stand on rigid flat feet, they are flat, and when your feet are unweighted, they are flat. You have stiff flat feet if you lay your foot over the opposite knee and it still looks flat. Arch supports for flat feet with a low arch height are frequently preferred by those with stiff flat feet.

When you stand on flexible flat feet, they are flat, but when they are unweighted, they have an arch. You have flexible flat feet if you put your foot over the opposite knee and your arch shows. For flat feet with a medium arch height, people with flexible flat feet typically choose arch support.

People with flat feet frequently question if high or exceptionally high insoles can help them “repair” their flat feet and generate a higher arch. Flat feet cannot, and do not need to be, turned into feet with high arches. Begin by forming a low or medium arch (based on whether you have a rigid flat foot or flexible flat foot). A high or extra-high arch might be unpleasant and make you feel like you’re walking on a golf ball.

Low arch with strong support – You’ll need a low arch with solid support. It will be painful to have a hard arch that is excessively high. Long-term comfort will not be provided by a soft arch that your foot compresses. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all product when it comes to insoles.

Deep heel cups assist to concentrate the fatty pad beneath your heel bone, which aids in heel stability. This helps prevent overpronation and increases shock absorption.

Remember that if you have flat feet, the appropriate footwear may make a significant impact. Shoes that don’t provide enough support or that don’t allow you to add arch support insoles will leave your flat feet weary and aching at the end of the day. Flat feet can be made worse by wearing high heels, flip-flops, or sandals.

The greatest thing you can do if you have flat feet is to figure out which kind you have (rigid or flexible) and then insert flat feet insoles with the right arch height into your shoes. The finest insoles for flat feet will help you relieve the discomfort by supporting your low arches.

3 Best Hiking Insoles For Flat Feet

Below are the 3 best hiking insoles you should definitely try out if you have flat feet!

1. Soul insole (Best Hiking Insole for flat feet)

I have tried many insoles in the market and by far the best one is Soul Insole. (You can read my full review on Soul Insole here) The cushioning and arch support you get is next to none.

Few other benefits include:

  • The smooth, gel-like support assists in training your foot to build its natural arch without becoming reliant on support.
  • It maintains the foot odour-free and dry.
  • They have the perfect amount of padding.
  • You will be completely satisfied.
  • The insoles are constructed of medical-grade gel, which is antimicrobial, odourless, flexible, and long-lasting.
  • This teeny-tiny insole fits inside any shoe without slipping out the heel or cramming the shoe.
  • It’s of excellent quality and was created with runners in mind.
  • Other commercial orthotics are around half the price of the Soul Insole.
  • The versatile design enables easy switching between different types of footwear.

Where to get Soul Insoles?

Click here to view pricing on the Official Website

2. Superfeet Green Insoles

Because the Superfeet Green is a high-profile insert, it should have enough of shape to fit to your foot curvature. It’s one of the greatest insoles for both over-pronators and supinators because of this.

Over-pronators and individuals with flat feet may benefit from a medium-profile orthotic like the Superfeet Blue. The Green, on the other hand, is the most popular and has the greatest support.

The Superfeet Green insoles are one of the most popular inserts on the market, especially among plantar fasciitis sufferers. It has a high-density foam layer for the feet’s much-needed support and cushioning.

It also has an organic odour control layer that ensures that germs that cause odours are eradicated. The forefoot is around 4mm thick, while the heel is approximately 6mm thick.

You can use superfeet green insoles in a variety of shoes. You can replace the insole of whatever shoe you are wearing at that time with the superfeet green insole. It has an amazing fit.

Where to get Superfeet Green?

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3. Easyfeet Insoles

Arch support is provided by Anti Pronation Biomechanical Reinforcement Technology. Because gel forefoot and air capsules promote cushioning, Plantar Fasciitis Insoles give a shock-absorbing effect. A deep heel cradle with built-in heel support helps to maintain the foot bone upright and balanced, ensuring stability.

The orthotics include a firm TPU arch support and a cushioning layer with a PU memory foam basis. The silky breathable cover reduces heat and friction for superior foot comfort. Size-adjustable insoles: insoles may be cut and fitted with ease.

Where to get Easyfeet?

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I hope you liked my buyers guide on the best hiking insoles for flat feet! If you have any questions or concerns, let me know below in the comment section.

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