Best Hiking Insoles for Wide Feet

If you’ve ever had ill-fitting, tight shoes, regardless of the brand, this is a tell-tale indicator that you have broad width feet. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a “standard foot width,” and selecting the proper shoes is typically a lengthy process.

If your feet feel cased-in in every pair of shoes, you may have broad feet. You’ll know for sure after you measure your foot. Broad feet are defined as feet that are 4 1/16″ wide in a size 9 shoe and 3 3/16″ wide in a size 7.

How to choose hiking insoles?

You may have wide feet and you may not be getting optimum comfort; you may be seeking relief from foot discomfort; you may be searching for an insole for sports activities such as jogging, hiking, tennis, or basketball.

Or, you may be trying to replace a worn-out pair of insoles that came with your shoes when you purchased them. Picking the best insole for your requirements may be a difficult endeavour, especially for first-time consumers, because there are so many different items available and so many reasons to be buying.

Insole Sizing:

Insole sizing is commonly expressed as a shoe size range. “Men’s 9-11,” for example (each manufacturer uses different sizing).

This is because most full-length insoles are meant to be trimmed before use (trim-to-fit). The insole is created to accommodate a variety of shoe sizes, and the user is expected to cut any excess length from the insole before inserting it into their footwear.

  • The size range for 3/4-length insoles and other insert pieces specifies the footwear sizes in which the insoles/inserts may be worn comfortably;
  • 3/4-length insoles and inserts are typically not meant to be cut in any manner.
  • If you’re in between sizes (e.g., you’re a size 9.5 but the insoles are sized “8-9” and “10-11”), go up a size.

Type of Arch in Your Foot:

One’s foot arch typically falls into one of three categories:

1) neutral or medium arches,

2) low arches, flat feet, or fallen arches,

3) high arches.

In the same way, every insole is made to fit one or more of these foot arch types. When looking for insoles, you should first determine your foot arch type (more on that below) and then only look at insoles that are made for that arch type. Wearing an insole that isn’t made for your arch type will almost certainly cause you discomfort!

What type of flat feet do you’ve?

  • The first step in finding the finest insoles for flat feet is determining whether you have stiff or flexible flat feet.
  • Because the ideal flat foot footbed arch height for each arch is varied, it’s necessary to distinguish between stiff and flexible flat feet.
  • When you stand on rigid flat feet, they are flat, and when your feet are unweighted, they are flat.
  • You have stiff flat feet if you lay your foot over the opposite knee and it still looks flat.
  • Arch supports for flat feet with a low arch height are frequently preferred by those with stiff flat feet.

When you stand on flexible flat feet, they are flat, but when they are unweighted, they have an arch. You have flexible flat feet if you put your foot over the opposite knee and your arch shows. For flat feet with a medium arch height, people with flexible flat feet typically choose arch support.

1. Soul insole

Soul Insole Pads

The Soul Insole is a high-performance and pleasant foot pain-reducing insole constructed of non-porous medical-grade gel. Its biomechanical and flexible design gives your foot arches and heels enough support and pressure alleviation. They are multi-functional insoles with superb soft support that help to enhance the natural arch of the foot. Soul Insoles are designed to fit comfortably in many types of shoes and are durable enough to last a long time.

What you’ll love?

Easy to use

Soul Insole isn’t your typical, easily accessible comfort shoe insert. These revolutionary and ingenious shoe inserts will slip into your shoes effortlessly and snugly. The shoes’ tight and flexible form, in particular, protects your feet from stress and strain.

The shoe inserts are tiny and light, and they stick to any shoe model or brand instantly. The inserts come with no difficult instructions and may be easily attached to any shoe of your choice. The shoe inserts may be positioned and changed for a better fit because they are detachable.

Long service life

If you’ve experienced troubles with previous pain-relieving insoles due to poor design and durability, you shouldn’t search any further. The Soul Insoles pass the durability and dependability tests. The insoles are made of unique biological gel and come highly recommended by previous customers due to their exceptional longevity.

Furthermore, these insoles are not subjected to any stress or pressure from the heels, enhancing their total longevity. You’re not paying for shoe inserts that will break down after a few weeks of use, but for long-lasting insoles. These insoles can last up to two years if properly cared for.

Shock absorption

The shock-absorbing qualities of the Soul Insoles are the final outstanding feature. Originally, these shoe inserts were designed to provide arch support. That isn’t to say the shoes aren’t designed to provide appropriate shock absorption in the mid-foot. On your forefoot and heels, they can efficiently absorb impact and can protect your feet from injury.


  • Foot Relief Ball: Ball of foot relief that begins before the metatarsals reach the hanging bones and relieves pressure.
  • Pre-heel pain treatment that decreases to allow for pressure redistribution prior to implanting a new heel.
  • Ample Toe room means your toes won’t be crowded. Forefoot soreness and pressure are alleviated and healed by using this product. There is no over-pronation because of arch support. Plantar fasciitis sufferers benefit from this treatment.
  • Arch Booster: The arch booster in this shoe provides extra arch support for flat feet and high arches, gently guiding them to a healthy and comfortable position.


  • It’s a bit on the pricey side.
  • Due to its wider profile, it may not be suitable for all footwear.
  • There is no full-length alternative, if that’s what you’re after.

Despite the fact that they don’t clog up your shoe, there is a downside.

Where to Get Soul Insole?

Click here to get it on the official website (You can also read my full review on Soul Insole Here)

2. Superfeet wideGREEN high arch orthotic insole

Superfeet wideGREEN high arch orthotic insole comes with an extra broad heel cup that interacts with your body’s natural cushioning. High arch orthotic support reduces stress on the feet, ankles, knees, and back by stabilising the foot.

What you’ll love?

Comfortable Fit:

The stabilizer cap on the SuperFeet Green Insoles completes the underfoot support provided by these insoles. The heel fat pad is supported by this cap, enhancing natural shock absorption. Prevents unpleasant bone alignment abnormalities that can cause your feet and legs to hurt and have a negative influence on your health.

It is now possible to stand, walk, and work for extended periods of time without experiencing any discomfort. Every step you take with your feet properly aligned also helps to improve the health of your feet.


The insoles of these shoes are odorless since they are made to prevent the growth of bacteria. Don’t wear the same pair of shoes for more than three days in a row, and clean the insoles twice a week.

Try different types of socks or nylons, add a teaspoon of baby powder beneath the footbed, or apply some scented body lotion to your feet to see if it helps alleviate the problem. In addition to removing odor-causing germs, soaking your feet in Epsom salts once a week can help.

Arch Support:

For some, the arch support of SuperFeet insoles may appear to be too far forward. As part of the insoles’ efforts to remedy foot alignment concerns, such as falling arches, this is a normal consequence.

In a few minutes to a few weeks, the sensation will go away. You know your feet are getting better when the tingling sensation goes away. If you have the sensation that your arch isn’t quite where it should be, it’s a good sign to recheck your appropriate size.


  • Foam in the forefoot provides full arch support.
  • The foam layer is held in place by a reinforced base.
  • Provides long-distance support with a deep and thin heel cup.


  • Slightly costlier.
  • Sizes can vary in length marginally.

Where to get Superfeet wideGREEN high arch orthotic insoles?

Click here to check the price on Amazon

3. Dr. Scholl’s Work Insoles

Insoles from Dr. Scholl’s Work Insoles are designed exclusively for people who spend their days on their feet all day, every day. For all-day movement, they are a source of both comfort and vitality. Massaging gel of the highest grade is used in its construction.

It’s a breeze to operate. Insert it into the bottom of your work boots. A distinction is immediately apparent. They had a lot of support. In general, you’ll be able to stand on your feet for a few extra hours. It’s an excellent product that we strongly suggest.

What you’ll love?

Custom Fit

“Custom Fit Orthotics” is the designation given to Dr. Scholl’s insoles. There are 14 different ways to customize the cushioning and arch height, but these are not the unique custom orthotics made with a podiatrist’s prescription.

Even while these insoles are better and more supportive than the average pair of off-the-shelf insoles, they still fall well short of the level of support provided by a personalized device. Custom orthotics developed from a mold of the foot by a podiatrist are more trustworthy.

Comfort and Energy Insoles

If you’re constantly on your feet and suffer from foot and leg fatigue, gel insoles can help. The massage gel in the Comfort & Energy line is available in a number of different configurations. There are several types of memory foam, such as “Memory Fit,” which adapts to your foot with wear.

Athlete’s Outfit

These insoles are designed to withstand the normal strains of jogging, walking, and participating in sports. Repetitive stress injuries in runners can be avoided by using running insoles with shock absorption.

The flexible toe bed and heel and arch support that walkers require for a proper push-off are all included in the fitness walking insoles. Shock absorption and soothing gel are included in the sports insoles.


  • Excellent shock absorption.
  • Comparatively high cushioning compared to other insoles.
  • It can be worn in a variety of different shoe types.
  • Cut marks that are easy to read for quick trimming.
  • Arch supports that aren’t too extreme aren’t too annoying.
  • Cheap enough to buy a second pair of shoes for your other shoes.


  • Possibly not as long-lasting as some more pricey models
  • For some people, the forefoot area is lacking in padding.

If you have flat feet or high arches, this isn’t the greatest solution for you.

Where to get Dr. Scholl’s Work Insoles?

Click here to check the price on Amazon

4. Spenco Polysorb Heavy Duty Maximum All Day Insole

Spenco Polysorb gives you Increased shock absorption and protection against heel strikes. Also, blisters are less likely to form as a result of the reduced friction.

What you’ll love?

Great shock absorption

If you walk up to eight miles a day as your primary mode of transportation and exercise, you’re doing well. As a result of their excellent performance, you can use these insoles in any pair of shoes. For prolonged periods of standing or walking, they are good at absorbing the impact. Everyone wants to buy these insoles because of the Podiatric Association’s mark of approval.

Arch Support

It is common for foot care professionals to recommend Spenco insoles and Arch Supports, which have a long history of giving your feet the arch support and comfort they deserve.

Professional’s Recommendation

These insoles are recommended by podiatrists for the treatment of plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis. This is mainly due to the fact that they provide excellent support which fits perfectly into a wide range of shoes. Walking and standing for extended amounts of time are also not a problem with these insoles.


  • Support for the Arch and Heel in a Lightweight PolySorb
  • Cushioning from heel to toe
  • Technical Topcloth
  • Antimicrobial Slipure


  • Inadequate arch support
  • Comparatively expensive

Where to get Spenco Polysorb Heavy Duty Maximum All Day Insole?

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All these insoles are good for wide feet and will provide your feet with great comfort. But if you don’t want to do much research on insoles then buy a soul insole. It is an amazing insole in almost all aspects.

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