About Us

Outside Origin was created to help provide in-depth quality information guides and reviews regarding hiking, backpacking, and camping!

Our Mission

We aim to provide the most comprehensive hiking, backpacking, and camping information guides and reviews on the internet. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or an experienced outdoorsman looking for advice, we want to help you get the most out of your outdoor adventures!


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Our Values

Quality: We only publish information that is accurate and trustworthy.

Inclusivity: We want everyone to feel welcome and included, regardless of experience level.

Respect: We respect the outdoors and all those who enjoy it. Leave no trace!

Passion: We’re passionate about hiking, backpacking, and camping, and we want to share that passion with others.

Our Vision

To be the go-to source for all things hiking, backpacking, and camping. We hope to provide a community for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels to come together and share their passion for the great outdoors!

Our Origin

Outside Origin was created in 2021 by Ryan Anderson who, after years of experience hiking and backpacking, wanted to share his knowledge with the world. He was quickly joined by a team of passionate outdoor enthusiasts, and together they set out to create the best outdoor information website on the internet!

Charity We Support

We believe in making a lasting impact on this world and that’s why we support the Nature’s Conservacy Charity. You can find more information on our article here about how we support it as well as how you can help make a positive difference in the world.

Our Team

Ryan Anderson: Founder

Ryan Author Of Outside Origin

My name is Ryan Anderson, I love to do a variety of outdoor activities from running, hiking, biking, and camping.

When not working on things for Outside Origin, you can find me spending time with friends or planning the next trip we are going to take!

I created this website after I saw how there wasn’t that much information regarding hiking, backpacking, and outdoor-related activities online!

I want to share the knowledge and experience with you guys that I have acquired over the years.

I hope you find some value in what my team and I write!

Jordan James: Writer & Research Analyst

Jordan JamesHey, I am Jordan James, I am a writer at Outside Origin. I work on product research and testing out products for reviews along with writing helpful guides regarding hiking.

I love the outdoors and I go for day hikes almost every week. I have hiked many popular hikes such as the Appalachian Trail, Pennine Way, Burroughs Mountain, Half Dome, and Kalalau Trail to name a few.

Michael Jones: Writer & Editor


Hey, this is Michael Jones, I am a writer & editor at Outside Origin. I help create quality and comprehensive guides on Hiking and backpacking.

I almost hike 5 days of the week. For me, hiking is all about experiencing nature and breathtaking views. I occasionally do love going on thru-hikes and backpacking a couple of times a year across the world.

I have traveled and hiked at Inca Trail, Samaria Gorge, and Milford Track however, I plan on hiking to more locations in the future.

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Whether you have questions about our website, suggestions for improvement, or just want to chat about the outdoors, we’d love to hear from you! You can contact us through our website or social media pages.