Are Thursday Boots Good for Hiking

Are Thursday Boots Good for Hiking?

When you go out hiking, you want a shoe that will offer you the ultimate comfort and support through all the miles and one that will last for a long time. Are Thursday boots this kind of shoe? How do they hold up against different terrains?

In this article, I will be reviewing these hiking boots; give you the features, pros and cons to help you decide whether or not they are a good option for you.


Thursday boots are a great shoe, not only for their rugged look but also for their durability. These shoes can take anything thrown their way without breaking a figurative sweat. They have the ultimate comfort, including a toe cap that gives your toes enough room to move around, gives the shoe more structure, and prevents leather sagging at the front.

The shoes are also full of other great features, making them perfect shoes for normal wear, just not for hiking. Let’s see why that is so.

Thursday Boots Review

Thursday Boots Overview

Key Features

  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Vibram outsoles for extra grip
  • Full glove leather lining for a soft touch
  • Leather midsoles for all-day comfort
  • Kevlar blend laces
  • Resilient and rugged leather upper

The Positives

The Thursday hiking boots are full of positives, given that they give the ultimate warmth and comfort when wearing them. Some of their most encouraging features include:

Water-Resistant Construction

These boots are made to withstand any conditions and, as such, can withstand being in the rain. While they will eventually soak in water after a long time, the boots also quickly dry. You can even dry them next to high heat, and they will not get ruined. Don’t try that with other shoes, though, as that might be their death sentence.

Leather Quality

Thursday Chrome leather is the material used for making these shoes. The leather is part chrome tanned and part vegetable tanned. The latter gives the boots great flexibility and durability, while the natural oils used help them create a beautiful patina as they age. The chrome tanning makes them shine and gives them structure.

A great benefit of using the Thursday Chrome leather is that it makes the shoes easy to care for since they are already made with natural oil. You can easily wipe the shoes with a semi-dry cloth, and they’ll be as good as new. Applying a balm after cleaning them with a rag is all you need if you put them through a lot of work.


There is no use in getting soles that can easily wear out. Thursday has found a way around this by using Goodyear welt construction. This type of construction makes the shoe re-soleable, so you can easily change out the old soles for new ones once they start wearing out without needing to buy a new pair. The construction is also what makes the boots water-resistant.

The midsoles are made to give you the ultimate comfort, with a design that lets them form to your feet. The midsole will adjust with your feet over the years of use, changing as your feet do to give you a custom fit and all-day comfort.


The boots use the world-renowned Vibram outsoles. These outsoles are designed to give you a good grip on all surfaces. The Vibram outsoles also work great in snow and rainy conditions, not compromising on the grip, and they don’t wear down the heel either.


Thanks to their water-resistant feature and the high-quality leather used, these shoes are highly durable. I have owned mine for about five years now, and they only get better with age. In all fairness, however, I don’t use the shoes much when hiking, just for day-to-day use.

The Negatives


One of the reasons I don’t like wearing these shoes when hiking is because of how heavy they are. The boots are great for daily tasks and going out, but when you’re out hiking for several miles, you will start feeling the weight wearing you down.

The boots have a studded rubber outsole which is not really a problem on most days, but when hiking, the sole can feel too heavy, forcing you to put more effort into lifting the shoes, which tires you out faster.

Scrapes and Scratches

Because of the pull-up leather used, the boots are prone to scuffs and scratches. Since you will be hiking, there is a very high chance that you will be scraping against lots of things, and if the shoes show each scrape, you will end up with a shoe that is more scratches than leather.

The boots normally require very little maintenance after using, but with all those scrapes, you will need to recondition the boots once every two months, depending on how frequently you hike.

Not water-resistant

While the shoes can keep off a little water for a while, they do eventually soak up water. This makes the shoes unsuitable for hiking in cold or wet conditions. the water won’t ruin the shoes, but no one wants to walk around with wet shoes.


The Thursday hiking boots are great for any other kind of use except for hiking. They have great traction, are durable, and have great leather quality, but the boots simply cannot handle it in rough, outdoor terrains. You can still get a lot of use out of the shoe, just make sure it is not in rugged terrain, and you are good to go.

Better Alternative For Hiking

Merrell Moab 2 Hiking Shoes

A great pair of boots that you can use for hiking no matter the conditions is the Merrell Moab 2 boots. These shoes can withstand the roughest of terrains without giving any sign of wear. They are super comfortable and give you great support.

Better yet, the shoes are water-resistant and highly durable. You can use the Merrell Moab 2 boots in any terrain and for however many days you want without them giving out on you. The Merrell Moab 2 boots are the best you can get for hiking, and trust me; you won’t regret getting them.

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