Timberland Vs North Face Boots

Timberland Vs North Face Boots (Which Is Better?)

Confused between Timberland and North face boots? Not sure which one to buy? You’re not alone. It can be overwhelming to choose the proper boots for your feet due to the number of brands available.

Since both the brands are known for their unique design and comfort, it’s hard to pick the best. But don’t worry! We’ll help you choose the right one for you here.

Let’s compare both the brands to their features and see if Timberland is better or North Face. If you’re looking for boots for specific activities like hiking or working, you need to buy the one designed precisely. Let’s find out which is better for different activities.

Why is Timberland Popular?

Why is Timberland Popular

Timberland is widely popular for its long-lasting boots, which can come up to 4-5 years. And it’s so one of the most expensive boots, mainly because their products are made of recycled and sustainable materials, attracting many people to buy these waterproof leather boots and the classy design.

The boots also have PrimaLoft® Eco insulation, and the soles are made of rubber, making them the best for hiking on rugged terrains or city walks. The best thing about Timberland is that you can customize the boots. Plus, these boots are versatile, making them worth the price.

What is North Face Known For?

What is North Face Known For

North face boots are waterproof, breathable, and also long-lasting. They can withstand any weather conditions and keep your feet warm. Due to their durability and waterproof resistance, many go with Northface.

They are also famous for the wide range of outdoor gear they offer, from jackets, fleeces, footwear, and accessories; North face has it all. The comfort that they provide is second to none. They are pretty expensive but are worth every penny.

So, if you’re not sure whether to go with North face or Timberland, you’re at the right place. Read on to know more about it below.

Timberland vs North Face

Boots from different brands vary in comfort, durability, and material. If you buy boots from famous brands because everyone else is buying them, you need to think twice.

Not all brands will be good for your feet, and just because it is famous, it doesn’t mean they will be comfortable for you.

So, you need to analyze the pros and cons and then make the final decision. Let’s see the features of Timberland and North Face and examine which is better.

1. Style

Coming to the style of the two, these two brands have a unique style of their own. Let’s find out which is better in terms of its looks.


Timberland Popular Items

Timberland boots are everywhere. You can see nearly everyone wearing it, whether for outdoor adventures or the workplace. Due to its versatility, it has become trendy. It is sleek and stylish and is not too heavy too.

Since it is light on the feet, people love to wear it for work and hiking or trail running. Boots are available in different varieties, too, such as dress boots, sneaker boots, hiking boots, waterproof boots, winter boots, and ankle boots.

So, you get to choose from a wide array of boots for every occasion. These boots are trendy, dressy, and classy.

North Face

North Face Popular Items

The North Face is known for outdoor gear, so you will find rugged shoes that aren’t as classy as Timberland but are fashionable enough. They are built to provide maximum comfort and functionality.

Moreover, their products are designed purely for outdoor activities, so you wouldn’t find sleek boots for work or other purposes except for outdoor activities.

But if you’re looking for rugged shoes for hiking or trail running, North Face is the best for you. If you’re mainly looking for office wear, you can go with Timberland.

2. Material

When it comes to the material of these boots, both the brands practice sustainability that encourages customers to shop for sustainable products. Both are huge sustainability advocates, so all the materials are sustainably sourced and packaged.


Timberland shoes are made of waterproof materials and are built with anti-fatigue technology. Since it locks out moisture and keeps your feet dry and warm throughout the day, it can be great for casual hikes and work.

Most of the boots are of seam-sealed construction, waterproof leather, and waterproof membranes. Due to this, Timberland is pricey yet popular because of its durability.

Plus, most of the boots are designed for different purposes, so you can also buy them for different uses. You can either go with a trendy sneaker or stylish office boots every day.

North Face

The best thing about North Face is that the boots provide optimal comfort, keeping the latest technology in mind, from Vectiv, Futurelight, and Ortholite to Vibram and Surface Ctrl. So, you can sort the boots according to the size, color, benefits, and technology. There are plenty of options to choose from for North Face for outdoor enthusiasts.

3. Sizing

Not every brand may be suitable for your feet. Some brands have a narrow design, while others have a roomy, more breathable design. So, depending on your feet, you need to go for the perfect brand. Sometimes, even the most popular brand may cause discomfort due to the design.


Timberland Sizes

Timberland boots come in all sizes for everyone. But their design may be a little narrow compared to other brands. They are focused on constructing stylish designs, and a narrow structure gives a sleek look. It may or may not be for you, but you can go for it if you think you can handle the narrow design.

North Face

North Face Sizes

The North Face is built for hiking, trail running, and others, so the design is more functional and rugged. They come in every size and are breathable enough to give enough space to your feet. Due to this, there won’t be any discomfort

4. Price

Though both the brands are expensive, they are worth the price. One of the many reasons people still choose them over others even though they are expensive is their durability.


Timberland boots are over 100 dollars yet are preferred by many and even by celebrities due to their sleek design. If you don’t mind spending a little more to buy stylish boots for the office or your next hike, these are the best for you.

North Face

The North Face is also an expensive brand, but its quality and features are unparalleled. You don’t have to worry about ruining your boots on long trails as they are built to withstand uneven terrains and harsh weather conditions.

Which is Better? North Face Or Timberland?

Now that we’ve seen and compared the features of both, it’s time to decide which is better. While Timberland boots come in different varieties, they are designed for different purposes too.

If you want one for hiking, you need to go for a hiking boot; if you want one for the office, you need to buy the boots. And the best part is they are durable too. But we would say the North Face is the winner.

Mainly because their boots are versatile and you can wear hiking boots for the office. And they are constructed with the latest technology, and each offers different benefits. They are durable and rugged, but they are also fashionable. So, all in all, the North Face has all the features for the price.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of boots available for everyday tasks and serious outdoor adventurers. You need to check your requirements and choose the one that’s durable enough and lasts for a long time, up to four to five years. No matter the brand, in the end, you need to choose which is perfect for your feet. Check the reviews of each brand, the materials used, and the comfort level before buying one for you.

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