Khombu Hiking Boots Review

Khombu Hiking Boots Review – (Honest Review)

Going hiking requires a sturdy shoe that can handle the outdoors without tearing. The shoes should also give you the support you need on those long treks without making you feel any pain or fatigue. You need shoes with the ultimate support and comfort to withstand the multiple hours you will spend on the hike.

Khombu has been making such since 1969, and there are a number of Khombu hiking shoes that you can get specifically for hiking. However, are the Khombu hiking boots good? What are their features? Are they worth it? Let’s find out.


Khombu Overview

The Khombu hiking boots are comfortable and overall nice for hiking. However, they are not the best hiking boot you can find. These boots are comfortable but tend to be on the bulkier side, making it tiring to use them over long distances.

Despite that, the boots are quite decent, and you can use them for a few hikes. Let us look at some of the features that make the boots wearable, where they go wrong, and what other shoes are better than the Khombu boots.

Key Features

  • Thermoplastic Elastomers sole
  • Secure lace-up design
  • No-slip flexible outer sole
  • Breathable faux leather uppers
  • Available for both men and women
  • Water-resistant

What I Liked


The shoes feature a non-slip sole that keeps you secure and sturdy in any situation, even in wet conditions. The sole also features a sure-grip traction pattern that gives you a great grip on any kind of terrain. The grip makes the boots great for any activity, whether walking, running, or hiking.

The boots also have no heel, giving you stability, and they also have a tread pattern that provides all the traction you need, even on slick surfaces.

The grip also ensures that you can use the shoes in slippery conditions without fear of falling. The boots help protect you and your feet in any terrain, ensuring you can use them anywhere and under any weather conditions.


The shoes have lightweight and breathable synthetic uppers. These uppers don’t unnecessarily rub against your legs when running or walking, and the material used is so lightweight you wouldn’t even feel them if they did.

The boots are also made with cushioned faux leather that envelops your feet making them feel warm on those cold winter days. They also have a round toe with enough room at the front to accommodate your toes. The room at the front gives you enough space to move your toes around but is still secure enough to give you control.


The shoes are made using high-grade faux leather that can take a beating. The boots can handle any terrain you throw their way, and they will handle it like a champ. You can even go on long runs or hikes with the boots, and you will not see any sign that they are giving out.


The boots are made using water-resistant materials. You can use the shoes in any condition while ensuring that they will not crack under pressure. The water-resistant materials don’t allow the shoe to absorb any water.

The water resistance, anti-slip sole, and breathable faux leather uppers keep your feet warm and insulated in any outdoor conditions while at the same time ensuring the boots maintain their structural and functional integrity.

Custom Fit

The Khombu boots also feature a lace-up closure. Together with the roomy round toe, the closure gives you a custom fit. You need to note, however, that the sizes the shoe use are not the actual sizes. I ordered a size 10 even though I am a 9.5, and the shoes delivered did not fit. You want to be more careful with the sizes when buying the boots to ensure you get one that fits you.


The lightweight material the shoes are made of is one of the best features of the boots. The material doesn’t wear you down, and you can walk around with ease. The boots also have a roomy round toe that gives you both comfort and stability in one shoe.

Easy to Wear

With the Khombu boots, you don’t have to set aside a full five minutes for just putting on your shoes. The boots feature a lace-up design that makes it easy for you to put the shoes on and off, saving you a lot of time.

What I Didn’t Like


Yes, I said the shoes are durable. However, that is subject to your use. My first pair lasted long enough, but the other fell apart in less than a month. The shoes are quite durable, only as long as you don’t do any hard activity with them. So light exercise and short hiking are all they are good for; otherwise, you risk them falling apart on you.


The shoes are great for short-distance hiking, but they don’t hold as well for longer distances. The insoles are a bit uncomfortable and lack cushioning, and you will have to change them. The insoles don’t have enough cushioning, which can tire you out faster. Buying an extra pair of insoles is the only way you can survive long trails with the Khombu boots.

Where to buy the Khombu Boots? Best Place to Buy them?

You can purchase the Khombu boots here on Amazon.


The Khombu boots have a lot of great features, such as the lightweight design and custom fit. However, while these shoes work great on lesser activities, they don’t hold water in longer hikes. Their durability and cushioning were a downer and make them perform badly on longer hikes.

These boots are quite decent, but I wouldn’t recommend them if you know you will be using them for vigorous activities. They do hold well for less tasking activities such as walking and light trekking.

Final Thoughts

Merrell Moab 2 Hiking Shoes

Khombu boots just aren’t the ones for me when I’m going hiking. I don’t care much about buying extra pairs of insoles for more comfort, and I don’t want to hike in boots that might fall apart at any moment. I do, however, love the boots for their other features.

The Merrell Moab 2 boots are a better option. Now, these are hiking boots that you can trust, no matter where you are hiking. You can be sure that you will get all the comfort and fit as the Khombu boots tenfold, as well as great cushioning and support. The Merrell Moab 2 boots get an enthusiastic yes from me when it comes to all-weather hiking.

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