Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles Review

Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles Review (Honest Review)

Now, you can say trekking poles are indispensable hiking gear for trekkers. However, many hikers and backpackers are put off by this equipment because of the price. Although good-quality poles are indeed on the expensive side, you can still get a pair of decent poles within budget.

To completely do without trekking is not advisable because they offer countless benefits. Fortunately, Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles strike the right balance between quality and affordability. The company’s mission is to produce top-notch outdoor gear at reasonable prices.

It’s why these poles are creating a big buzz in the hiking world. They’re hailed as premium quality poles at a fraction of the cost.

This detailed review takes a closer look at this hiker’s choice. The review will take a closer look at key aspects such as durability, specifications, materials, weight, and more. By the end of the review, you will be able to decide whether these Montem trekking poles are the right equipment for you.

Quick Facts

  • Grip material- Cork/EVA foam
  • Adjustable- Yes
  • Weight- 19.2 ounces
  • Shaft- aluminum

Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles Overview


When you pick up a pair of trekking poles that are priced affordably, there is a tendency to doubt the quality. You don’t expect it to last too long on the trail. However, after testing it out in the field, the Montem Ultra Strong trekking poles exceeded performance expectations.

These poles perform well in rocky, alpine, steep, and muddy terrain. Rocky terrain can put trekking poles through hell, but this choice from Montem’s stables are durable and tough. They can withstand just about anything. The poles pack away in seconds when you need to free your hands up to climb a boulder or cliff.


For a set of robust trekking poles, you would expect the Montem Ultra Strong poles to be heavy. Surprisingly, they’re not! Weighing only 19.2 ounces, these poles are fairly lightweight. There are probably many trekking poles that weigh much more. Nevertheless, they likely cost a lot more too.

When you’re examining the weights between various trekking pole models, the difference is only in ounces. Unless you’re very sensitive about weight, you won’t notice a drastic weight change. The moment you spend an entire day on the trails, you will notice every bit of weight. Your arms will tire from lugging around trekking poles. Bulkier hiking poles will feel like a heavy suitcase. These will take a toll on your hands and arms for prolonged use.

With the Montem Ultra Strong poles, you can use them for a long time before your arms start to tire. Naturally, after an eight-hour hike, your arms will fatigue. This is unavoidable, but a decent set of trekking poles like the Montem Ultra Strong Poles will not exhaust your arms right away.

If you’re particularly fussy about weight, Montem also manufactured their Ultra Light Carbon Fiber Poles. Each pole weighs around 7.6 ounces.

Made out of carbon fiber, it is a lighter material than aluminum. In case you don’t like to carry trekking poles on your hike, you can expect to feel the weight of the lighter ones as well. However, for most hikers and backpackers, venturing with Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles will offer a pleasant and balanced hiking experience.


Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles Durability

A discussion about the shaft design, construction, and materials used is the next logical transition in this Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles review. Montem’s trekking pole shaft is built with Aluminum 7075. This is a fancy term that means durable and lightweight, suitable for hiker abuse.

Most seasoned hikers prefer aluminum over carbon fiber poles. Why? Aluminum trekking can withstand a lot of wear and tear. They endure accidents without breaking. Aluminum poles may bend or get dents instead of breaking or snapping.

Logically, you would want carbon fiber trekking poles. This is because these poles are lighter so they should last longer. However, they do not. They are not durable in the long run. In addition, there tends to be a huge price difference between aluminum and carbon trekking poles. Rest assured, with Montem the price difference is negligible.

Lastly, Montem Ultra Strong trekking poles are constructed with three sections. Two of these sections are adjustable. This is a sturdy construction that can withstand any terrain while bearing your weight.

Lock lever system

Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles Lock Mechanism

Most modern trekking poles no longer feature the twist-lock mechanism on their trekking poles. The Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles use a lever locking system. Within a few seconds, you can set your poles at the desired length. Then, you can get started on your hiking adventure.

Some trails have varied terrain. You may need to keep adjusting the length of your trekking poles to adapt. The ability to shorten, lengthen, and stash your pole as needed in an instant is very convenient and helpful.

Montem’s lever locking system makes quick adjustments and fast packing possible.

With the Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles, you can collapse the poles and attach them to your backpack within sixty seconds. When you have to do the process in reverse, your trekking poles are ready for the trail in less than thirty seconds.

The process of adjusting your Montem Ultra Strong hiking poles is very efficient and easy. On the shafts, there are two groups of numbers. Adjust one shaft according to the length you desire. Repeat this step on the second shaft. Say, if you want to set the length to 100 cm, then line up the second shaft to 100 cm as well. There is a white plastic knob that will enable you to adjust the tension. Once you’re satisfied with the length and tension, lock the lever.

The drawback on the flick locks

The flick locks are in a factory setting.

This means that if you’re using your Montem Ultra Strong Trekking poles for the first time, you might have to stop and adjust the pole length repeatedly. You might have to do this until you get a setting that suits your ability.

Without tools, you will have a hard time tightening the plastic nuts placed on the locks. You will need a pair of pliers to get the job done the first time. However, once the locks are tightened with a plier, you won’t face the issue of slippery locks. The company addresses this issue in their FAQs section on their official website.

In fact, on the site, they recommend tightening the nut with pliers the first time. The reason for leaving the locks loose offers hikers maximum adjustability- is the explanation offered by the company.


If you are planning a day hike and carrying a thirty-liter backpack, the most convenient way to store your Montem Poles is to lock them to the outside of your backpack.

If your backpack is smaller than twenty liters, then it might be difficult to place the poles inside.

In case you want to place the poles inside your bag, then ensure the rubber tip protectors are on. The exposed carbide ends are very sharp. They can pierce through your bag if you are not careful.

Most hikers prefer to strap these poles on the outside of the bag. If you are hiking with a large bag of over forty liters, then it’s easy to place the Montem poles inside your bag. When the poles collapse, they measure twenty-four inches.

If your trekking adventure includes boulder hopping, cliff climbing, and scrambling, then it makes sense to strap the poles to the outside of your bag. Sometimes you may want to trek hands-free, so it is convenient to strap the poles to the bag. This method makes it convenient. Just don’t forget to secure them tightly. Don’t forget, you cannot transport trekking poles on planes!


Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles Handle

These Montem poles come in several models. The Ultra Strong poles have EVA foam on the hand grips. If you prefer cork grips, then you may like the Montem Ultra Strong Cork poles or the Ultra Strong Cork hiking poles.

There are advantages and drawbacks to using foam grips. Although cork grips are the platinum standard in trekking pole handle materials, they tend to deteriorate faster than other materials.

EVA foam grips are softer, tougher, and excellent at wicking moisture. Cork grips offer all these benefits and are softer to touch.

This attribute will matter most on long hikes. Your hands will tire and chafe while holding EVA foam grips. Cork conforms to your hands with time. It remains cool and soft to touch even after prolonged periods of gripping.

Avoid purchasing cheap plastic pole grips. They might seem affordable at the start but you will get blisters and cuts on your skin with extended use.

Montem trekking poles with cork and foam grips offer good support for the hands. Foam grips are great for novice hikers. They will never cause skin irritation and offer better durability than plastic grips. If you’re planning to become a serious hiker, then cork grips are better and cost a few dollars more.

Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles End Peice

Rigid versus anti-shock

When it comes to deciding between rigid versus anti-shock, it is all about personal preference. Anti-shock poles are less popular among trekking enthusiasts. If you’re carrying a reasonable load on a steep climb, then anti-shock cork trekking poles by Montem will support your knees well.

If you are accustomed to anti-shock trekking poles, the rigid ones will feel strange at first. You may even wonder if the rigid poles do anything for you. They do! Rigid poles have a subtle impact on your body.

Choosing between anti-shock and rigid Montem trekking poles comes down to what you like.

Anti-shock poles are losing popularity because they do have a reputation for jamming, malfunctioning, and wearing out faster. Anti-shock poles are also less durable because there are movable parts that break inside the suspension system.

If you have knee injuries or are prone to bone and joint issues, then the Montem Ultra Strong Cork Anti-Shock trekking poles are the best option. This model is better at relieving shock from your body than rigid poles.

Are you going on your first hiking adventure? These are the poles you need. This is Montem’s standard model. The company takes great pride in this model which they claim is designed for almost everyone. Most hikers and backpackers cannot go wrong with this model. In other words, it’s perfect for all types of hikers.

Best Uses

  • The poles are three-season poles. You cannot use them in heavy snow and icy conditions.
  • Every Montem trekking pole includes plastic mud baskets.
  • These thread onto the lower base of the pole shaft.
  • If you’re planning a trek through the snow, you can always purchase their snow baskets.
  • These are wider and keep the snow compact if the underfoot is deep.

The mud baskets are a disappointing feature. Since they’re made of plastic, the material is inflexible. They can break up easily on impact. Even when you exert a little pressure on the basket, they can break. If the baskets were made of rubber, they would last longer. Apart from cheap mud baskets, the Montem trekking poles are excellent hiking sticks for all terrains.

Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles Pricing

These start from around $60. The company makes one of the best budget-friendly trekking poles in the market.

Their competitor is the Black Diamond Trail Back. The cost of this premium brand is well above a hundred dollars.  Whether you’re a world traveler, day hiker, beginner, or seasoned hiker, the Montem Trekking pole series is a versatile gear that offers a good bang for your money.

Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles Discount / Coupons

There are no discounts or counts for Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles. There are some blogs claiming that you can get a discount but, this is not true. I just want to be transparent and honest.

Where can you buy the Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles?

I only recommend buying the Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles from their official website here.

Final verdict

When it comes to picking the best trekking poles, every hiker has his or her preferences. You know not every trekking pole is created equally. Cheaper does not mean better. You have to consider the answers to your requirements before investing in a particular brand.

Ask yourself the following:

  • What terrains will you hike on?
  • What is your budget?
  • What is your hiking experience?
  • Which specifications matter to you?
  • Does weight matter to you?
  • Which brand do you have in mind?

Finding the Right Trekking Pole for You

To ensure you get the best hiking experience, look for trekking poles that are durable, versatile, easy to use, and work in multiple conditions or climates, i.e. desert, rocks, or in jungle.

The poles should pack and travel easily too. Sure, the cost is a factor. With the Montem poles, you get the best of both worlds: durability and affordability. These are poles designed for multiple types of terrains.

The only drawback that hikers may experience is the tension knob on the flip locks. Since they’re not pre-tightened at the manufacturing site, hikers cannot hand tighten them.

You must use hand pliers for the first time. However, as far as hiking poles go, these Montem poles are definitely worth the buy. They’re not exactly premium quality, but they’re not made cheaply either. Montems offer above-average build quality and function for their price.

Their ultra-comfy grips are top-notch. In addition, Montems offer a wide adjustability range. It does not matter if you are 4’ or 6’5”, these poles will easily adjust to meet your needs.

Whether your next hiking adventure takes you to Patagonia, the Himalayas, or the Alps, the Montem Ultra Strong Trekking poles are a great investment. They’re the perfect companion for new and experienced hikers, budget hikers, and hikers with bone and joint issues.

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