Jesban Vorosky 2-Pack Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles Review

Jesban Vorosy Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles Review – (Honest Review)

Why is it that some hikers seem to glide uphill like Spiderman, while others struggle to keep up with the pace? The answer lies in the long poles carried by experienced hikers. You’ve likely seen and wondered what those poles are and why many people use them during hikes. They are called hiking or trekking poles. Experienced hikers know the value of carrying them along on a hiking trail.

In this review, I’ll briefly describe the purpose and function of hiking poles and examine the Jesban Vorosy 2-Pack Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles in detail so, you can make an informed decision on whether to buy them or not.

What are trekking poles?

Trekking poles are an advanced version of walking sticks. Their main purpose is to provide stability and support so that you can increase your speed as you trek uphill. These helpful gadgets are great at distributing your weight so that you can carry heavier loads.

Hiking or trekking poles are available in three versions: folding, collapsible, and telescoping.

Collapsible poles don’t have adjustable lengths, but they are lightweight compared to telescoping poles. They have either twisting or flip locks. Professional hikers prefer flip locks because they provide more security.

Folding poles fold into 3 sections which are how they get their name. Not surprisingly, they are easy to carry around.

Telescoping poles have adjustable lengths. This feature is vital when you’re ascending or descending a hill. Telescoping poles have built-in shock absorption.

Trekking poles are made from aluminum or carbon fiber. The handles are manufactured using cork, rubber, or EVA foam. Although rubber handles are durable, they’re not as comfortable as EVA foam or cork handles. In addition, foam and EVA handles will conform to the shape of your hands.

Aluminum poles are more robust than carbon poles, but they also weigh more. Carbon poles are a lot lighter and stronger compared to aluminum poles.

Jesban Vorosy 2-Pack Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

Jesban Vorosy 2 Pack Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles


The Jesban Vorosy 2-pack carbon fiber trekking poles are adjustable in length from 24 inches to 52 inches using the flip-lock system. This makes the poles suitable for most human heights. The pole handles are made of rubber and ethylene vinyl acetate. They are covered in foam to facilitate gripping even when your hands are sweating. The handles are coated in EVA foam and provide sweat absorption and comfort.

Each trekking pole is affixed with an anti-slip hand strap with a suede finish. This prevents cuts on your hands. The end of each pole is affixed with tungsten steel tips so that you can climb through the toughest terrain. There is an optional rubber footing for flat terrains and a snow disk for snow-covered surfaces.

Each pole is built using 80% carbon fiber and weighs nearly 0.45 lb. The poles may be lightweight, but they’re also sturdy, making them suitable for most hiking adventures.

Features and adjustability

The Jesban Vorosy 2-Pack Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles provide a decent adjustable range (24 to 52 inches. However, their flip-lock mechanism is a bit tedious to operate. It takes several minutes to manipulate the screws to the desired tension. Many walking poles rely on a twist-and-grip mechanism, however, the Jesban Vorosy poles use clips. These resemble the kind you find on tripods. However, even when you’ve got wet and cold hands, they’re easy to use and secure.

There is solid traction on the metal tips, enabling you to traverse through ice, rock, and dirt with ease. The company has included a set of rubber caps for hiking on asphalt. Each trekking pole is equipped with snow or mud feet that easily and quickly attach to the end to stop your poles from sinking into soft terrain.


The Jesban Vorosy 2-Pack Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles are ideal entry-level equipment for novice hikers. They’re an excellent piece of equipment for people who don’t have a big budget for decent hiking poles. The model offers ample support for moderate climbing/hiking conditions. Although they’re made from carbon material, they are known to have occasional problems and breakages, especially in the twist locks. Lastly, these poles are not well suited for extreme trekking conditions.


Compared to leading brands like Montem, Jesban Vorosy trekking poles are in the lower price range. Their adjustability features are on par with other brands. The main difference lies in the weight. Due to their carbon fiber composition, the Jesban Vorosy 2 pack carbon fiber poles weigh 80% less. A better product for your money would be the Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles.

What do I like about these trekking poles?

Overall, the Jesban Vorosy poles offer an excellent range of extensions. The design is nice and the lightweight carbon material makes it easy to transport these poles.

What do I not like about these trekking poles?

Although the EVA foam handles are easy to grip, they can get very uncomfortable when you hold onto them for too long. The locking aspects are a matter of concern as well. The locking mechanism is weak and its levers break off easily.

Lastly, instead of foam, better materials can be used to make the handles. For instance, hiking aficionados will prefer cork handles instead of foam like those found on Montem trekking poles.

Where to buy the Jesban Vorosy 2-Pack Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles?

You can purchase Jesban Vorosy 2-pack Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles here. Some blogs claim discounts but, there are no discounts available for the product.


The Jesban Vorosy 2-pack carbon fiber trekking poles have a strong finish and nice design. They offer a good height extension and decent grip. Even though they’re excellent for new hikers, experienced trekkers will get frustrated with them rather quickly.

The locking mechanism on them is their weakest feature. If you have to adjust the locks, don’t expect the poles to support your weight. In fact, they may slide. This issue reduces their durability.

Furthermore, if you plan to hike for over an hour, the grips may start to feel uncomfortable. Finally, the brand is receiving a lot of flack for several quality issues. I personally prefer the Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles because they are just way better in my opinion.

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