Trekking Pole Straps Guide

Trekking Pole Straps: Ultimate Guide

Now, not all trekking poles come with wrist straps. However, most trekking poles that are available come with wrist straps. However, most trekking poles out there come with wrist straps. But have you noticed something? You or any other hiker is hardly using wrist straps.

These wrist straps keep dangling from the poles, and we have even heard people say that it is a fashion statement.

Well, it’s not, and in this guide, we are going to clear all your doubts regarding trekking pole straps.

Why do trekking poles have straps?

Most trekking poles are equipped with wrist straps that are placed on the top of the grip. It plays a very important role and, if used properly, can take off significant pressure from your hands and transfer it to your wrists.

This allows you to use the pole without holding it tightly with your hands. Also, there are many hikers who do feel that straps are a must wear as it helps to maintain posture and balance and also makes the pole sturdy.

However, on the other hand, there are other hikers who feel that straps are unnecessary and it’s better to cut them off.

Do You Need Trekking Pole Straps? Are Trekking Pole Straps Worth It?

Do You Need Trekking Pole Straps

Well, like you, there are hundreds of hikers who are quite confused about whether they should be actually using wrist strips. Well, some hikers feel that it may accidentally injure your wrists. However, we feel that it is not really true, and there are various other advantages of trekking with wrist straps.

You’d be astonished at how much a change in straps can make. Wrist straps provide a small amount of additional support, stability, and push down the path. They dispersed the pressure by dispersing the weight through your arms. On long hikes, it definitely helps to propel you ahead.

So, coming to the question of whether you actually need trekking pole straps. Well, it depends on the situation. Wrists straps are really helpful in moderate terrain. It helps to significantly reduce the stress on your wrists as well as help in improving your stability. It also adds a tone of versatility.

Also, it is really helpful in winter as the light grip helps your blood to circulate in a better way and thereby makes your hand quite warm.

Now a caution that you must exercise. You should never use wrist straps when you are going up on a challenging terrain, one that is filled with mud, sand, rocks as well as moss.

So, this automatically answers the question of whether it is worth it or not. When you travel in moderate terrain, then you need trekking pole straps, and it is a really smart way through which your balance and posture improves.

However, in certain cases, it is not advisable to wear it. Hence, we definitely think it is advisable to buy a trekking pole with straps as it has immense benefits.

How to use straps the right way?

In order to properly wear a trekking strap, try to adjust it properly. Put your hand through the strap from the bottom. Then try to hold the grip properly and the top of the strap. Make sure your straps are not loose, as it can create a problem. Also, it is seen that loose straps are a serious mistake you must avoid.

When you use a properly adjusted strap, it helps to disperse the weight of your hand on the pole, but it is done in such a way that it does not block the blood flow to your hand.

Strap preferences change with time, so be sure your trekking poles’ straps are comfortable. Nylon without a soft chamois or fleece liner or padding on the inside might make your hands uncomfortable, so search for straps with a soft chamois or fleece liner or padding on the inside to decrease friction.

How do you replace trekking pole straps?

In order to replace your trekking pole straps, you need a pen and a screwdriver. First, you need to find a space on the top of the pole where you want to push the lockout. You can push the lock with a screwdriver or a wrench. However, then also you might feel that the lock is not coming out completely. In such a case, you have to use your pen, and you push the lock further out.

Now take your new strap, align it properly and then make sure that the locking mechanism is on the left side. Now pull up the edges together and put the right strap above the left strap in such a way that the longer strap is above, the shorter strap.

Now when you have done it properly, make a loop in such a way that the locking mechanism is downwards.

Then insert the loop into the hole, all the way inside the lock of your pole, and then push your lock that you opened at first properly. And it’s done.

It is quite easy to replace a strap; however, make sure you have the basic tools by your side when you are working on replacing your trekking wrist straps.

Summing Up

These were some of the most important points of using trekking pole wrist straps. Make sure you research and properly purchase the one you prefer and have a good trekking journey.

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