How To Keep Ticks Off Dogs While Hiking

How To Keep Ticks Off Dogs While Hiking

Have you ever hiked with your dog and come home to find ticks all over them? This happens because dogs often explore their surroundings when outside. They tend to pick up ticks from the grass and leaves. So you must be wondering how do you keep ticks off dogs while hiking?

To answer it shortly you simply have to:

  1. Take advantage of a tick repellent like an ultrasonic tick repellent, chemical tick repellent, or essential oils like peppermint and lavender.
  2. Make sure you brush your dog before and after hiking
  3. Carry a tick removal tool with you to safely remove ticks from the dog.

In this blog post, I will go into more detail about how to keep ticks off dogs while hiking.

What is a Tick? Are they Dangerous To Dogs?

What is a Tick Are they Dangerous To Dogs

A tick is an arachnid that can be found in tall grass areas or low shrubs. They prefer to stay in moist areas with shade. They are parasites, which means they feed off the blood of other animals.

Ticks tend to carry diseases such as Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever that could harm humans and pets alike.

Ticks could be dangerous to dogs as they can carry diseases that could harm them.

How To Keep Ticks Off Dogs While Hiking?

Here is a 2 step process you want to follow to ensure you keep ticks off your dog while hiking.

1. Inspect your dog before hiking

Even before you leave the house, make sure to check if your dog has ticks on it already.

Try to see if your dog’s skin is itchy or irritated because this could mean that there are already some ticks on it!

If you don’t spot any ticks just brush over their skin again to ensure that there are none hidden.

Make sure that the brush you use has both short and long bristles as well as soft tips so, it doesn’t irritate your dog’s skin while grooming.

2. Take Advantage of a Proper Tick Repellant

You will need to use a tick repellant specially made for dogs in order to keep ticks off yours while hiking.

It is important that you buy the right repellant as not all of them repel ticks safely and effectively. You want something with active ingredients such as peppermint, lavender, citrus, citronella, and lemongrass.

There are 3 Options Available:

  1. Chemical Free UltraSonic Tick Repellant
  2. K9 Advantix II Flea and Tick Prevention
  3. Applying Essential Oils

1. Chemical Free Ultra Sonic Tick Repellant

With this one, you have to just apply it on your dog and it will keep the ticks off while you hike with your dog.


  • Chemical Free
  • Lasts Long
  • Silent to animals
  • Splash-proof
  • No reapplication is needed.
  • Non-Toxic
  • Long Lasting Battery Life for 6-12 Months after activation

I honestly recommend this one over the topical treatment since its ultra-sonic. You can watch the video below to see how it works.

Where to Purchase Ultra Sonic Tick Repellant?

Check Price For Ultra Sonic Tick Repellant Here on Amazon

2. K9 Advantix II Flea and Tick Prevent

This is a chemical formula you can use to prevent ticks from your dog. You apply it topically and it lasts for 30 days. It also takes a few hours for it to start working.


  • Repels and kills Ticks, Fleas, Lice, and Mosquitos

Where to purchase K9 Advantix II Flea and Tick Prevent?

Check Price For K9 Advantix II Flea and Tick Prevent Here on Amazon

3. Applying Essential Oils

You can also apply essential oils such as lemongrass, peppermint, or citronella to repel ticks.

If you are an essential oil lover then this is for you! The problem with this is that you have to keep reapplying every time you go on a hike.

Sure it might be cheaper in the short run but, it definitely won’t last that long.


  • Your dog will smell nice

How Do I Remove a Tick From My Pet?

You want to make sure that you remove a tick from your pet as soon as possible. The longer the tick stays on, the more likely your dog could contract a disease.

You can use a tick removal tool to carefully grip the tick’s mouthparts close to your dog’s skin and pull upwards slowly with steady pressure.

This might not get every tick there is on your dog so, what you can try is this Tick treatment shampoo which kills all the ticks and fleas in under a few hours.

Can Ticks Make Your Dog Aggressive?

Ticks can make your dog more aggressive as they might be uncomfortable which might cause your dog to start itching and scratching since it wants to get rid of the ticks.

Do I Need To Worry About Winter? Can My Dog Get Ticks in Winter?

Ticks are more dormant during winter but, they are still active throughout the year.

In winter there will be a lot fewer ticks however, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any. Ticks have actually developed an antifreeze system within their body which allows them to survive the cold weather by stopping their cells from freezing.

Can Ticks Cause Kidney Problems In Dogs Or Other Issues?

Ticks don’t directly cause kidney problems in dogs however, dogs with Lyme disease tend to have a 43% higher risk of getting kidney problems.

Ticks can also cause other issues such as skin irritations and allergic reactions.


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