Best Moleskin For Hiking

3 Best Moleskin For Hiking

The use of Moleskin as a blister therapy is now almost as widespread as the blisters themselves. Woven moleskin with adhesive on the backside is soft and durable. Blisters can be prevented or treated with the right application of this product. Moleskin is your savior when friction is your nemesis.

To massage and protect your feet at a fraction of the cost, look no further. Using moleskin to treat and prevent blisters, corns, and calluses on the feet is a simple and cost-effective technique to relieve foot pain and protect the skin. These bandages allow you to go about your day-to-day activities without having to worry about your feet hurting. We’ve compiled a list of the finest moleskin for blisters, as well as some helpful hints.

Top 3 Moleskins For Hiking

1. Moleskin Plus Padding Roll by Dr. Scholl’s

Foot moleskin by Dr. Scholl adapts to the foot’s shape and can be worn with any pair of shoes. Blisters, corns, calluses, bunions, and chafing can be alleviated with adhesive bandages, which can be cut to fit any foot size.

It helps cushion feet with corns or calluses and prevents rubbing that can lead to blisters using a flexible Moleskin tape. Its thin profile makes it easy to slip into any shoe. Any part of the body, from ankles and feet to elbows and wrists, can be protected against friction, pressure, and rubbing by using tough yet flexible cushioning.

Useful for anything from sports to the office, these elbow pads are so adaptable that they may be utilized in any setting – from the sports field to the home office. Protects against harsh shoe pressure. Prevents friction of the feet due to shoes. The rubbing and shoe friction pain is alleviated and thus increases comfort. Cut to your desired length or width.


  • Slim and undetectable
  • Adapts to the curve of the foot’s arch
  • It helps to keep common foot problems at bay and reduces discomfort


  • Although it may lose its stickiness throughout the day, the medical tape helps maintain it in place.

Where To Purchase Moleskin Plus Padding Roll by Dr. Scholl’s?

You can purchase Moleskin Plus Padding Roll by Dr.Scholl’s here on Amazon

2. Moleskin for Blister Protection by Cramer

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Cramer’s bandages made of non-stretch moleskin are ideal for sports, but anybody may use them to protect themselves from blisters and other wounds. Boxed with a 25-yard roll, this product is straightforward to use. These three-inch-wide strips can be swiftly cut to avoid blisters on any part of the body. In addition, the sticky felt can be used for taping joints.

Athletic trainers’ favorite brand of taping and wrapping supplies, Cramer’s is the go-to brand in sports medicine. They continue to trust the brand because they know it stands for quality and effectiveness. Since its inception, Cramer has been a driving force behind the growth of the athletic training industry and the creation of innovative products that help keep athletes healthy and performing at their best.


  • In an easy-to-open box
  • Athletic trainers’ tape stashes must include this product.
  • Adhesive felt that is 3 inches broad and non-stretchy makes joint taping stronger.
  • When cut into appropriate shapes to fit specific regions, this works well for blister protection.


  • It’s not necessary to have 25 yards of moleskin on hand, but it’s nice to have one.

Where To Purchase Moleskin for Blister Protection by Cramer?

You can purchase Moleskin for Blister Protection by Cramer here on Amazon

3. Moleskin Bandage by VIVEsole

Vive’s moleskin for heels and feet protects against blisters, corns, and calluses due to tight shoes or activities. Additionally, you can use this moleskin to line your cast, where it wicks away moisture and reduces chafing.

Each five-yard roll has a two-millimeter thickness and is free of latex and other common allergens. With this package, you get eight wooden stencils for measuring moleskin pads for corn and calluses, the heel, or the tongue of your shoe.


  • All-day long, it doesn’t move
  • Assured 60-day guarantee
  • Provides a total of eight stencils, each of which is specifically designed to address a different common issue


  • Although it’s a little thinner than other moleskin products, it doesn’t compromise its effectiveness.

Where To Purchase Moleskin Bandage by VIVEsole?

You can purchase Moleskin Bandage by VIVEsole here on Amazon

Is Moleskin Good For Hiking?

Is Moleskin Good For Hiking

You are the only one who understands your feet better than anyone else, so take steps to avoid putting stress on any areas that are prone to blisters. To prevent blisters, apply moleskin to the regions of your body most at risk. Blisters and hot spots will be prevented from forming because of the moleskin’s reduced friction against your skin.

No matter how much moleskin you apply on your feet before you leave, it’s always a good idea to bring a little more just in case. As a hydrogel bandage that can reduce the discomfort of and protect fully-formed blisters, GlacierGel is an excellent choice if you are prone to unpleasant blisters. To keep you prepared, Blister Medic contains both moleskin and GlacierGel, making it a light and compact complement to your gear. To ensure that you don’t need to restock blister supplies before setting off, browse through your first aid kit.

How Long Can You Leave Moleskin On?

If you’re prone to sores because of chafing, place a piece of moleskin the size of the problematic area on your skin and tape it in place. As there isn’t a blister to cover, there’s no need to cut any holes in it; this is merely to prevent friction.

You can use moleskin bandages to blisters for up to three days at a time. You can repeat these steps if the area is still contaminated. However, if the infection persists, you may want to consult a doctor. Moleskin can be applied to the inside toes of ballerina flats to protect them from wear and to disguise any toe lumps that might be visible.

Is Leukotape The Same As Moleskin?

Hikers utilize duct tape, moleskin, and leukotape as a barrier to keep out the blisters. Duct tape and moleskin both fail miserably when applied to damp or sweaty surfaces. They’re not great for your skin, and you’ll have to replace them frequently.

Leukotape is a form of sporting tape that comes in a roll. It was first developed as a supported adhesive to control and offer stability to injured muscles and joints as a preventative and rehabilitation tape. It is now the first line of defense in the battle against blisters.

Zinc oxide tape hybrid Leukotape is a wonderful product. Surgical tape offers breathable fabric and pressure-sensitive stability for Leukotape, while zinc oxide supplies the adhesive and supporting characteristics. As a result, Leukotape has become the go-to foot tape for hikers and ultralight runners.

How To Use Moleskin To Prevent A Blister?

How To Use Moleskin To Prevent A Blister

When breaking in a new pair of shoes or going for a long walk or run, you must use moleskin to prevent blisters from forming. Blisters are prevented from forming on the skin underneath because of this.

Alternatively, you can wrap each of your toes with moleskin to keep them from irritating each other. Applying moleskin to your shoes is another option. This is especially helpful if your shoes have a tiny heel or an uncomfortable seam.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts!

Moleskin is an excellent method of protecting existing blisters and preventing the formation of new ones. When shoes touch against your skin, you can even apply them to the inside of the shoe. Keep it away from a blister’s ceiling to avoid damaging the blister’s surface further!

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