Best Hiking Pants For Fat Guys

Best Hiking Pants For Fat Guys

Finding the perfect pair of baggy hiking pants may be a real pain. Thanks to a few brands, baggy hiking pants are now available to enjoy outdoor sports in comfortable and well-fitting styles.

Outdoor enthusiasts can’t do without the proper equipment and attire. Stretchy pants, sturdy boots, and a large backpack are a must if you want to avoid thinking about how irritating or constricting your clothing is all day long. Investing in the best hiking pants is the simplest method to accomplish this. You can rest assured that your treks will be exciting and problem-free if you have them.

The color and material of hiking gear aren’t the only factors to consider. Like a good swimsuit or pair of jeans, Hiking pants require some technical features to keep up with the conditions. While hiking through tunnels and woodlands, you’ll want to make sure your pants don’t chafe and that you’re protected from any creepy crawlies. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options you have as new companies and products enter the market.

These top 7 hiking pants have been specifically designed for larger guys so, you too can enjoy your hikes!

Top 7 Hiking Pants For Larger Guys

1. Lefroy Arc’teryx

Lightweight and simple, the Arc’teryx Lefroy Pants are among the best we’ve tested. Lefroy Pants include a built-in belt and a simple pocket design that we find appealing. These pants don’t have rear pockets, which some people may find annoying.

As a result, they’re roomy without being baggy, making them both comfortable and easy to move around in. Most of these pants’ disadvantages are due to their high price, which may be prohibitive for some travelers on a tight budget. These may be the hiking pants you’ve been looking for if you want something ultra-lightweight while also being extremely comfy and high-quality.

Pros: Minimalist, comfortable, fashionable, and long-lasting.

Cons: Expensive and without rear pockets.

Where to buy Lefroy Arc’teryx?

You can purchase Lefroy Arc’teryx here on Amazon

2. REI Co-op Sahara Roll-up

The Sahara Roll-up from REI Co-op Having two alternative snaps for the roll-up height makes the pants feel light and airy. Because of the two snaps, you can easily adjust the length based on how active you are and the outside temperature. It’s a little slack in the leg, but other than that, it’s a great fit that’s simple to move in and has excellent breathability.

To ensure a perfect fit, the pants come with a built-in belt. We wish more pant makers would incorporate this useful feature. If the roll-up function isn’t enough for you, these trousers are also available in a popular convertible form.

Pros: Built-in belt, lightweight, comfortable, breathable, two roll-up height options, and an economical price tag

Cons: Too Baggy

Where to buy REI Co-op Sahara Roll-up?

You can purchase REI Co-op Sahara Roll-up here on REI

3. Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible

We’re big fans of the Columbia Ridge Silver Ridge Convertible Pants in terms of breathability. The integrated belt helps you fine-tune the waist fit, and we appreciate that the leg fit isn’t as baggy as many other convertible pants we’ve tried.

When climbing or scrambling, these pants were a touch too snug in the quadriceps, which was a problem. We wish these pants were a little more flexible to move more freely.

Pros: An inexpensive option with a belt already attached. The cloth is soft and breathable.

Cons: The shorts appear a little odd, a little too tight on the quadriceps, and not stretchable because of the convertible zipper.

Where to buy Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible?

You can purchase Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible here on Amazon

4. prAna Stretch Zion

We’ve tested a lot of hiking pants over the years, and the prAna Stretch Zion is by far the most comfortable and effective. The flexible fabric gives you plenty of range of motion, and the semi-slim fit moves with you like a dream. Zippered cargo pockets, snaps for rolling up the legs, and a low-profile waistband adjuster are just some of Stretch Zion’s many features. All in all, the Stretch Zion Pant is a great all-around hiking pant that also looks nice in the city (much better than most other hiking-ready models).

Wearing the prAna Stretch Zion in hot weather is our only complaint. Some of the other pants on this list are made of nylon, but this one has a DWR treatment and is more substantial than some of the others. Summer hiking and backpacking can be a little more uncomfortable due to the extra heat generated by the thicker material. The shell fabric is tough and can withstand a wide range of circumstances, including snowshoeing.

The Outdoor Research Ferrosi is a lighter, more breathable pant, but it lacks the casual charm of the Ferrosi. In addition, prAna has recently debuted the Stretch Zion II, which combines a lot of changes—including their recycled ReZion fabric—and we’ll report back here once we’ve tested it out.

Where to buy prAna Stretch Zion?

You can purchase prAna Stretch Zion here on Amazon

5. Fjallraven Vidda Pro Ventilated

There aren’t many hiking pants made of cotton in 2022, but the Vidda Pro from Swedish firm Fjallraven is an exception. As we all know, Fjallraven’s strong G-1000 material (35% cotton) is heavier and less water-resistant than most of the other options on our list (for waterproofing, Fjallraven recommends applying their environmentally friendly beeswax for added protection). The G-1000 fabric’s thickness, on the other hand, makes it easy to glide through the undergrowth and slide over boulders without tearing. Simply told, it’s unbeatable in terms of sturdiness and longevity.

The Vidda Pro Ventilated model is also featured in this list. To improve mobility, the inside of the legs are made of flexible fabric, with side zips for dumping the heat and an elastic waistband. Both of these adjustments, in our opinion, enhance the pant’s versatility and make them more wearable. Although the Vidda Pro Ventilated isn’t ideal for long-distance hikers and backpackers, it’s a viable solution for short excursions off the beaten path (like fishing or hunting) or for a little more warmth and protection in the campsite.

Pros: We like it because it’s tough, long-lasting, and more absorbent.

Cons: Thick and unsuitable for long-distance travel.

Where to buy Fjallraven Vidda Pro Ventilated?

You can purchase Fjallraven Vidda Pro Ventilated here on Amazon

6. Kuhl Renegade Convertible

Although Kuhl apparel is known for its unique style, the Renegade Convertibles earned a spot on this list because of their sturdy fabric and well-organized zip-off design. Thoughtful materials and excellent construction make the Renegade an incredibly robust pant—ours still look new after repeated use—and the ample stretch is a pleasant boost from another popular Kuhl hiking pant, the Liberator Convertible. In our opinion, the Renegades are a little too baggy in the fit, but those who want a more relaxed look will enjoy them just fine.

The convertible design of the Renegade is on par with that of the Liberator. The zippers are well-disguised, thanks to the low-profile design of the jacket. If you’re the kind that likes to travel with a slew of devices, the Renegade has a slew of storage alternatives for you. Extra pockets for storing valuables are included in the cargo pockets on both sides, in addition to the conventional two on the front and back. Perhaps too much weight for people who prefer to hike light, but we appreciate its inconspicuous appearance.

Pros: Pants with a lot of storage space.

Cons: It’s too baggy and hefty for our tastes.

Where to buy Kuhl Renegade Convertible?

You can purchase Kuhl Renegade Convertible here on REI

Conclusion: Final Thoughts!

Hiking pants are the natural choice for an overnight hiking trip or inclement weather. The question for hikers in the hotter summer months is: should they wear long baggy pants? In addition to protecting you from the sun, full-length pants keep dirt and debris out of your shoes.

They are the recommended choice for tough treks or summit attempts since they limit the frequency of cuts from brushing against rocks or branches. Although convertible pants allow you to change up your look, they also have several drawbacks.

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