Jetboil vs Fire Maple

Jetboil vs Fire Maple – Which Is Better?

The best way to start the day in the wilderness is with a hot cup of coffee. After a long day on the trail, a hot meal is hard to beat. There are few other tools that can enhance your wilderness experience like a backpacking stove does.

In order to sort through the plethora of backpacking stoves on the market, we tapped into our inner gourmet chefs, conducted extensive research, and put each one to the test.

Jetboil is a wilderness explorer’s best friend when it comes to portable stoves. Liquid fuel stoves from this manufacturer meet a wide range of requirements.

There’s a Jetboil model for everyone, whether you’re a car camper looking for a family-friendly solution or a backpacker looking for an ultralight stove. However, which Jetboil stove is currently the most popular?

These are the top-of-the-line Jetboil stoves available today.

1. Jetboil Genesis Basecamp Camping Stove

It’s simple to control the temperature of your cooking with this stove’s two temperature-controlled burners.

This Jetboil stove has everything you need to cook for a large group or family, which is fantastic. It includes a 10-inch ceramic-coated nonstick pan and a 5-liter camping pot with a strainer lid. You’ll need to be careful with both because they are both easy to clean after use, but they are both prone to denting.

When the weather is bad, you can cook without wasting energy thanks to a windscreen that can be attached to the stovetop. A separate plastic screen does not provide as much wind protection as the other Jetboil models do.

When you’re done, simply tuck the burners inside the pot and toss it in a suitcase. Note that this stove isn’t light, so it adds a lot of weight to your backpack. Nonetheless, the pot and pan are included, so you don’t need any additional equipment.


  • Compact for a complete cooking system.
  • There are enough burners for a family of four to use
  • Included are the pot, lid, and pan
  • Detachable Windshield


  • Heavy
  • High cost

Where to Purchase Jetboil Genesis Basecamp Camping Stove?

You can purchase Jetboil Genesis Basecamp Camping Stove here on Amazon

2. Jetboil Flash Camping And Backpacking Stove

Making a quick cup of coffee or boiling water for a few simple meals is easy with the Jetboil Flash. As a backpacking stove, it’s a cinch to use thanks to the push-button ignition and compact size.

The ignition area is shielded from the wind, and the pot is designed specifically for the stove. That makes the Flash the fastest Jetboil stove, boiling water in a mere 100 seconds.

Additionally, the cup has a built-in heat indicator that tells when the water is ready. But there’s no way to lower the heat so that your dishes can simmer. To save space, you can use the bottom cover for the Jetboil Flash as a bowl or measuring cup.

The Jetboil Flash’s 1-liter cooking cup features Jetboil’s FluxRing technology for consistent heat distribution. The stove is more stable as a result of this feature, which locks into place.

Just keep in mind that it is not compatible with other brands of pots and pans. For additional accessories, such as a coffee kit and a skillet, you’ll need to purchase them from Jetboil separately.

The plastic parts of the cup have melted for some customers. However, if you keep an eye on it while cooking, you shouldn’t have any issues with the Jetboil Flash. As an added bonus, it’s an ideal stove for a one-day hike or a short weekend getaway.


  • Boiling speed.
  • Lightweight and small in stature.
  • Indicator of internal temperature.
  • Stable, with a pot that locks in place.
  • Simple one-button start.


  • Only for the purpose of boiling water.
  • There is no temperature control.

Where to Purchase Jetboil Flash Camping And Backpacking Stove?

You can purchase Jetboil Flash Camping And Backpacking Stove here on Amazon

An Alternative To Jetboil Stoves

Exploring nature on foot or by tent is an exhilarating experience. In order to survive in the wilderness, you’ll need a few essentials. One such piece of equipment is the hiking or camping stove. The Fire Maple stove is another quality camping stove on the market.

Here is a comprehensive evaluation of the Fire Maple Stove:

The Fire Maple is a high-quality outdoor stove that’s been thoughtfully crafted. It has the appearance and feel of a high-end kitchen appliance. The stove is sturdy and it should be able to keep up with your outside activities.

Despite windy conditions, it cooks in a rather short amount of time. To get the most out of your stove, you don’t need to do anything more than set it up the first time. In our opinion, it’s a fantastic tool for lone outdoor enthusiasts who want to cook in the wild and we recommend it.

1. Fire Maple FMS-X3 Fixed Star 3 Stove

Fire Maple’s Fixed Star 3 FMS-X3 stove system is perfect for one or two people, depending on their weight and pack size. If you’re on a budget, this is a great alternative to more costly models, however it does take longer to boil. The ability to simmer on the stove provides even more flexibility than simply being able to boil water.

The stove’s components all worked together seamlessly. Seeing a shoe like this one with a nested design is always a plus when it comes to packing up and heading out again. Because the bowl is so little, it is difficult to eat or drink from. Removing it allowed us to use the extra room to store a larger gas canister, which was useful for supporting the stove on uneven ground or during windy conditions.


  • An essential piece of equipment for hiking is the Fire Maple stove.
  • Conveniently small in both size and weight, it’s also easy to transport and set up.
  • The heat exchanger allows it to cook quickly even in windy conditions.


  • When the pot is boiling, the lid is difficult to lift.
  • As the pot lacks a spout, it may be difficult for some people to pour liquids into smaller containers.

Where to Purchase Fire Maple FMS-X3 Fixed Star 3 Stove?

You can purchase Fire Maple FMS-X3 Fixed Star 3 Stove here on Amazon

2. Fire-Maple Star 2 Cooking System

The Fire Maple Star 2 stove system is an alternative to the Jetboil/MSR stove systems available in the market. Because of this, the Fire Maple Star 2 swiftly and efficiently brings water to a rolling boil. There is a 1.0L variant of Fire Maples stove systems, and a 0.8L version, the Star 3.

The high heat efficiency pot in both models conveniently holds everything you need. Pot support, burner, 230g fuel canister and canister support all lock into place with a simple latch.

During mild wind conditions, the Star 2 was able to boil water in around 3 minutes. The bottom-of-the-pot heat exchanger is essential to the operation of the system. As a windscreen and a heat source, it is ideal. An additional perk of this method is the ability to use other pots without a heat exchanger on the bottom.


  • Quick boiling time.
  • Size is small enough to fit in your handbag.
  • There is no rattling.
  • Cost-Effectiveness.
  • Add-on for the coffee press.


  • The 2.2lb weight makes it far from light.
  • Unregulated stove.

Where to Purchase Fire-Maple Star 2 Cooking System?

You can purchase Fire-Maple Star 2 Cooking System here on Amazon

Conclusion: Jetboil vs Fire Maple: Which Is Better?

The Jetboil stove is the most common and widely used model among hikers who aren’t concerned about weight but rather value efficiency and convenience of use, this stove is a must-have. Other stoves manufactured by Jetboil have varying levels of efficacy, price, features, and functionality.

Whereas, the Fire Maple Stove is an excellent, economical canister cook system comparable to a Jetboil, but at a quarter of the cost. Cooking for freeze-dried camping meals or soups is a breeze thanks to a 1.5L cook pot with fuel-saving heat exchange fins, a built-in windshield, and durable folding handles.

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