Is hiking bad for your feet

Is hiking bad for your feet?

You may feel anxious energy rushing through your legs and feet as you begin your journey, boosting your desire to get started on the route and reach your target. However, after a few kilometres, you may start to get some of the usual foot issues that arise on a trip. Blisters, plantar fasciitis, and hot spots are three typical issues.

Can your feet hurt from hiking?

Yes, your feet hurt from hiking you may get blisters. Blisters are painful, fluid-filled pockets beneath the surface of the skin. Your foot brushes against your sock and shoe repeatedly while you trek.

Blisters can form as a result of this contact, especially because these regions are wet and heated from perspiration and exercise, which are ideal circumstances for blister formation. Your feet may slide around more and produce more friction if your hiking boots aren’t the proper fit, resulting in more blisters. Hikers are prone to blisters. It might be a clue that a blister is forming if you start to experience discomfort or itching.

Why do my feet hurt while hiking?

Your feet hurt while hiking because you probably are not using proper hiking shoes or insoles. When you walk, the plantar fascia supports the arch of your foot and absorbs pressure. Overuse of the fascia can cause it to become inflamed and irritated. If you don’t have suitable insoles in your hiking shoes to support your heel and arch, your foot discomfort will get much worse.

Why do my feet hurt after hiking?

Why do my feet hurt after hiking

For starters, during hikes with lengthy, steep descents, your toes are put under a lot of strain. Your toe touches your shoe with every step, and the thousands of steps you take destroy the sensitive nerves in your toes. When sensory nerves are injured, they deprive an area of feeling. They also cause the surrounding region to swell. It is frequently accompanied by toe discomfort.

Second, after 2-3 days of long-distance walking, your feet are most likely swollen. As a result, your shoes are more squished around your feet, making it easier for your toes to collide with them.

Both of these factors contribute to numb and swollen toes.

How do I keep my feet from hurting while hiking?

If you’re on a thru-hike and stopping in town for a rest day, you might wish to invest in some more comfortable hiking socks or shoes. Swap cotton socks for synthetic or merino wool socks. I personally use these. Whatever you select, keep in mind that merino and synthetic materials are better at wicking away blister-causing moisture than cotton socks.

Also, make sure you get some proper hiking boots and take advantage of insoles.

I personally alternate between this and this for hiking shoes and for insoles I use SoulInsoles, they are by far the best insoles in the market, they protect your feet from this type of thing.

You may need to take a few days off to enable your skin to heal and your twitchy muscles to recuperate. Take a couple of break days on or off the path if you’re on a backpacking trip or thru-hike.

Keep your feet up and walk as little as possible. It’s possible that icing them or keeping them chilly will help.

You should check out my guide on how to protect your toes while downhill hiking here!

How do I stop my feet from hurting after hiking?

Consider receiving massages on a regular basis. Request that the therapist focuses on your lower body and release the connective tissue as well as the muscles.

Please give more time on your feet and wash your feet with warm water.

It’s possible that your pain stems from a lack of circulation caused by tight soft tissue.

Stretch before and after your hike. Your feet are included in this!

Trail Toes is an anti-friction ointment that helps prevent hot areas from turning into blisters or abrasions.

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