How Long Does It Take To Hike Stone Mountain

How Long Does It Take To Hike Stone Mountain?

Stone Mountain is a ginormous rock dome made of quartz monzonite, granite, and granodiorite. It is located at the site of Stone Mountain Park, which is 16 miles/26 km east of Atlanta, Georgia. This park is the most visited tourist site in the state of Georgia, owned by the state and managed by Herschend Family Entertainment. Outside the park is a small city with the same name, Stone Mountain in Georgia.

The elevation at the top of Stone Mountain is 1,686 feet or 514 meters above sea level and 825 feet or 251 meters above the surrounding area. This mountain is known well not only for its geology, but also the enormous rock relief on its north face – the largest bas-relief artwork in the world. This carved artwork was completed in 1972 depicting three Confederate leaders, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson.

Is Stone Mountain Worth Visiting?

When it comes to family-friendly fun, Georgia – the southern state – is full of folksy charm and beauty. Stone Mountain is one of the most beautiful and attractive places to visit in Atlanta, Georgia. Millions of people visit this natural yet highly-facilitated mountain and park place that welcomes both locals tourists.

A brief list of the 20 reasons you should visit the Stone Mountain and the Stone Mountain Park:

  1. Considered the eighth wonder of the world as many claims it is the largest piece of exposed granite in the world
  2. A historic memorial and the monumental artwork is the largest high-relief sculpture in the world
  3. Great 15 miles of scenic hiking and walking trails ranging from easy to moderate
  4. Collected water at the top form something similar to tide pools, which is home to a few endangered plants as well as small crustacean – Clam Shrimp
  5. Plantlife wonderworld where rare species like the Stone Mountain Yellow Daisy grows
  6. The Yellow Daisy is the inspiration of the award-winning annual Yellow Daisy Festival, a celebration of beauty and beloved tradition for arts and crafts lovers
  7. 45 miles scenic view of magnificent Georgia landscape and the glittering Atlanta skyline on a clear day
  8. Meeting all kinds of people as each year more than four million people travel to the Stone Mountain
  9. The magical Fantastic Fourth event – fireworks four nights in a row and laser shows
  10. The Scenic Railroad – a full-sized 1940s locomotive with open-air cars – is both educational and energizing
  11. Breathtaking Summit Skyride – a high-speed Swiss cable car that takes to the top
  12. Snow Mountain – the only snow park in the region – snow tubing slides for adults and kids
  13. The 45 min Lasershow Spectacular – the world’s longest-running laser show for 30 years
  14. Music ringing daily from a 741-bell carillon donated by Coca-Cola
  15. The rustic and charming century-old covered bridge leading to Indian Island
  16. The Grist Mill – authentic pewter-colored mill – history piece almost two centuries old
  17. Camping in Stone Mountain Park – Georgia #1 campground
  18. First-class golf course – the 18 holes of pristine green at Stone Mountain – two championship courses, Stonemont and Lakemont
  19. The Sunday brunch at The Commons Restaurant
  20. Stone Mountain Park – inspiring and has all the attractions for everyone

How Long Is The Hike Up Stone Mountain?

The short answer for how long the hike up the Stone mountain – One Mile. The Walk-Up Trail is 3851 steps long and not for those with limited physical or medical conditions. There are different trails for hiking, walking, or trekking around the Stone Mountain area. But, the Walk-Up Trail is made for guests looking for a little more adventure during their visit. It is open daily from dawn to dusk, just follow the painted yellow line along the trail.

Can You Hike Stone Mountain For Free?

For free, the locals park in Stone Mountain Village and go to the park using the bike path. Daily parking admission to the park costs $20 and an annual pass can be bought for $40. You can purchase these passes ahead of time on the website, or at the gates upon arrival.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Going Up Stone Mountain?

How Many Calories Do You Burn Going Up Stone Mountain

Calories burned walking at 3.5 mph pace:

  • Weight – 130 lbs/Flat Surface – 224 calories/Uphill – 354 calories
  • Weight – 155 lbs/Flat Surface – 267 calories/Uphill – 422 calories
  • Weight – 180 lbs/Flat Surface – 311 calories/Uphill – 490 calories
  • Weight – 205 lbs/Flat Surface – 354 calories/Uphill – 558 calories

According to CalorieLab, a 200-lb. person can burn around 637 calories hiking quickly in the mountains whereas they only burn 455 calories cross-country.

How Difficult Is The Hike Up Stone Mountain?

Stone Mountain Park features fifteen miles of hiking and walking trails with different degrees of difficulty. Following are a list of trails from the Stone Mountain Park website:

Can You Drive To The Top Of Stone Mountain?

The high-speed Swiss cable car can transport you more than 825 feet above the ground to the top of Stone Mountain in minutes. It also provides a stunning view of the Confederate Memorial Carving during the journey. There is a fee to get into Stone Mountain Park, but parking is free throughout. You can drive around, park the car and walk the various trails, and eat in the restaurants in the park.

What Is On Top Of Stone Mountain?

  • A landscape made of bare rock and a few rock pools
  • A short broadcast tower transmitting two non-commercial stations: television station WGTV TV 8, and weather radio station KEC80 on 162.55 MHz
  • The visitor center – inside is the launch/drop off for the Summit Skyride, restrooms, a gift shop, and snack bar (drinks, snacks, popcorn, coca-cola products, dippin’ dots)
  • A few different displays about the formation of Stone Mountain, the habitat and wildlife
  • Panoramic views of the Kennesaw Mountain, Atlanta skyline, and on a clear day you can even see the Appalachian mountains off at a distance

Can You Bring Your Own Food To Stone Mountain?

Yes, you can bring your own food into the Park for a picnic, but no outside caterers are allowed in the Park. You can also rent a pavilion, choose one of the two Non-Catered Pavilions(Georgia or Virginia). Most people pack their own coolers filled with food to cut down on costs. The Stone Mountain Park is set up in such a way that you and your family could enjoy a tasty picnic meal, without having to leave the grounds.

Final Thoughts

Stone Mountain and Stone Mountain Park have a lot of interesting attractions including different shows, a sky ride, mini-golf, a museum, outdoor rock climbing, adventure courses, historic homes, “The Lost World 4D” experience, and a train ride. For just a small fee, you can enjoy 3,200 acres of natural beauty featuring over 15 miles of hiking and nature trails.

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