Why do my walkinghiking boots hurt my toes

Why do my walking/hiking boots hurt my toes?

Hiking boots can induce toe pain due to improper lacing, the wrong type of socks, incorrect sizing modifications, not taking breaks or going directly down a hill. This might be due to a heavy backpack or not taking enough breaks.

4 Reasons Why Your Hiking Boots Are Hurting Your Toes

Stepping directly down the slope

If you’re going on a hike with a lot of descents, you’ll want to pay attention to this one. When hiking down a hill, most hikers make the error of walking directly down the slope.

Going this method would make the journey considerably shorter and faster. Nonetheless, because your toes lead each step, you place a lot of pressure on them.

Stepping down this path would put your full body weight on your toes. However, there are a number of strategies to break that tendency, beginning with a zigzag walk.

Instead of stepping down immediately, you may gradually drop by trekking in a zigzag pattern. Your body weight will be distributed evenly over your feet as a result of this.

Another approach to relieving the pressure is to stride such that your ankles come into contact with the ground before your toes. This allows your ankles to bear the majority of your body weight rather than your toes.

Additionally, to alleviate toe pain on descents, you can try utilising a set of trekking poles. You’ll be able to shift part of your weight distribution to your arms using them, causing your feet to suffer less.

Inappropriate lacing

Even if you purchase boots that are the correct size, lacing them incorrectly might cause toe and ankle pain. The lacing system in hiking footwear is divided into two parts: the top section and the lower section.

The boot begins to bend at the boundary between the two, allowing for more comfortable walking. Heel lock lacing is a typical approach to remedy the problem.

There are two methods to achieve this: one is to use the hooks on the boots, and the other is to make two loops in the initial holes.

Both of the approaches in the movies below were designed to keep your heels in place. As a result, your toes won’t be squashed in the toe-box when you’re descending.

Another lacing approach is to start from below and tie two knots before the second hole. That way, your lace won’t loosen on treks and your toes will stay put.

You can learn lacing techniques to stop toe pain here.

Inappropriate socks

Toe discomfort can be caused by wearing the wrong socks, which rub on the footbed.

If you choose too thin socks, your feet will be able to glide freely within, increasing the risk of blisters and discomfort.

The squeaking sounds in your boots might be due to friction created by thin socks. Nonetheless, it may work to your advantage in some instances.

Because thin socks lack cushioning, your skin is more exposed and sensitive.

Conclusion: thick socks are preferable to thin socks for hiking. Furthermore, two layers of socks are considered to be better than one since they are less likely to induce ankle pain.

This is because when you wear two layers, the friction forces, which are one of the causes of that sort of pain, are reduced.

I personally use these socks.

Not enough breaks

Because everyone’s fitness level varies, it’s difficult to tell how often you should take rests. If you feel like you’re overworking your body with long walks, simply add a few more, or even double the amount you’ve been doing.

This decision would help not only your health but also your spirit. After all, most of us begin our excursions with the intention of taking in the breathtaking vistas of nature.


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