How to stretch toe box of hiking boots

How to stretch toe box of hiking boots?

Have you ever wondered How to stretch the toe box of hiking boots?

Well, in this blog post I am going to be sharing with you a few different tricks to stretch toe box for your hiking boots!

Some of the tricks may sound old, and you may think that a few don’t work. It is because different types of tricks work for different shoes.

But you have to give it a chance before rejecting all these methods completely.

Get a shoe stretcher

Another alternative for stretching is to utilise a shoe stretcher. Some hikers utilise this as a tool. It is lightweight and portable, and you may use it at home without difficulty.

There are numerous different types of stretchers. The basic one, on the other hand, is actuated by a knob and aids in expanding the length of the shoe.

There’s also a two-way stretcher that may aid with length as well as extending the breadth of the shoe as needed. You could also come across certain stretchers made specifically for different types of shoes.

You can try out this shoe stretcher on Amazon.

Try using newspaper

The ideal tool for expanding the toe box of your shoes is a newspaper. Yes, it is unexpected, but it is a useful trick. All you need to do is close the box and use any sort of paper that would suffice.

Leave it in your shoes overnight and check the results in the morning. If nothing happens, try it again for a couple of days. To obtain the intended outcome from this method, remember to pack the shoes with paper.

Keep the silica gel pack

Have you ever noticed a silica gel in your new shoes? The reason behind this is that the gel absorbs moisture. If you hike frequently, you will have to pass through the water, take the difficult road, and maybe walk it up in the rain.

As a result, be sure you’re not removing the silica gel. Keep it inside and allow it to absorb all of the moisture, otherwise, your shoes may get too tight over time, prompting you to hunt for ways to stretch it.

Use shoe stretcher spray

You can use a shoe stretcher spray like the FootMatters boot & shoe stretcher spray. This basically softens and stretches a tight-fitting shoe or boot. You spray it on the area you want it could be inside or outside of the shoes.

Give them a shot because this might be your best tip for extending hiking boots, especially leather ones.


I hope you found this article on how to stretch the toe box area of your hiking boots useful. If you have any questions or concerns let me know in the comments down below!

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