How do you put insoles in hiking boots

How do you put insoles in hiking boots?

It’s simple to replace your old insoles, whether they’re worn out or you just want a more comfortable pair. Some people, for example, may have flat feet, a terrible back, or bad knees, which necessitate the use of specific insoles. Athletes, whose feet require extra support when working out or playing, should wear shoes with the appropriate insoles.

I’ll show you how to replace your old insoles with new ones in this article:

Step 1: Remove the insoles from the boots or shoes that are currently in use. Because most insoles aren’t bonded to the shoe, you should be able to easily remove them.

Step 2: To locate the greatest insole for you, look into a few different options. Insoles are made of a range of materials that provide different levels of comfort, support, and flexibility. Insoles that give additional cushioning to the heels, foot arches, or balls of the feet can be purchased depending on where you place the greatest weight.

Step 3: When you go shopping for new insoles, bring your old ones with you. If the new insoles are offered by size, you’ll be able to match them to the previous ones. Because the size of the insoles varies by manufacturer, this is a better bet than choosing your size and carrying them home.

Step 4: If the insoles aren’t already sized, you’ll have to use the old ones to trim the new ones down to fit. Cut the new insoles with scissors so that they fit easily in your boots and sit properly in the toe and heel areas. Only the toe region is cut, not the heel. You can skip this step if your insoles come in your size.

Step 5: Slide the replacement insole into the shoe, starting with the toe side and pushing down the insole with your palm until the heel region is properly seated.

Tips on Putting Insoles in Your Hiking Boots

You can use store-bought insoles on top of your shoe’s original insole if your shoes are somewhat too big for you. It can improve the fit of the shoes and possibly make them comfier. Of course, if your boots are already tight and unpleasant, this will just make them tighter.

If your shoes don’t have detachable insoles, you’ll need to either find another pair with removable insoles or buy a larger size so that the new insoles can sit comfortably on top of the old ones.

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