Delta Hiking Mattress Review

Delta Hiking Mattress Review – (Honest Review)

A comfortable sleeping mattress is necessary when going for overnight or multiple hiking adventures. One of the best mattresses you can get for that is the Delta mattress. It has given me multiple comfortable nights, and today, I want to share with you why I love this mattress so much.

How to Choose the Best Hiking Mattress

Just so you don’t think I am biased, let us look at some of the things you should expect from a hiking mattress. We will use this as a buying guide to help you know what you should be looking for. We will also use it to compare what we talk about up here with the Delta review and see how many boxes it will tick.

Type of Mattress

There are three main types of hiking mattresses. They include inflatable mattresses, foam mattresses, and air pads. The air pad is too expensive for some people, and the foam mattress can be too firm and uncomfortable for some. The Delta hiking mattress is an inflatable mattress, making it one of the most compact and durable mattresses.


Sometimes mattresses cannot withstand some kinds of weather, such as during the winter season. The Delta mattress is made to withstand any kind of weather. I have personally used it on rainy nights, and the mattress did not absorb any water from the ground. It also kept me safe all night long.


While you might think that a heavier mattress brings more comfort, that is far from the truth. Since you will most likely be hiking, you need a sleeping bag that you can easily walk with; a lightweight mattress. The Delta mattress is super lightweight; you can even forget you are carrying it in the first place.

Insulation and R-Value

Your body loses a lot of heat to the ground you’re sleeping on, which can leave you cold. When looking for a mattress, you want to get one that has enough insulation to keep you warm all night long. Look for one with adequate materials to prevent heat loss.

The R-value of a mattress refers to its capacity to fight against heat flow. A mattress with a higher R-value offers better insulation. You want an R-value that is between 4-5.5 to ensure you will be sufficiently warm during the night.

Mattress Size

It goes without saying that the mattress you choose should be big enough, both length and widthwise, to accommodate your body. You also want it to have enough inflation to keep you sufficiently off the ground.

Delta Hiking Mattress Review

Delta Hikers Mattress

Key Features

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Includes a built-in pillow
  • 2 R-value
  • Durable dual-layered material
  • Puncture and tear resistance

What I Liked

Lightweight and Compact

Right off the bat, the first thing I noticed about the mattress was how compact it is. It came in its folding case, looking as small as a water bottle. I wanted to go hiking and needed a mattress, and the compactness blew me away.

Not only does the mattress pack really well, but it is also so lightweight you can almost forget that it is there. It weighs just as much as the water bottle at only 1.1 pounds! The compactness and lightweight is the perfect companion for hiking days. You just put it away in your backpack without worrying about the weight.


I had my doubts when I saw it because surely something that small couldn’t be comfortable. Boy, was I wrong. The mattress is made with 144 insulated flexible air cells. These cells lift the mattress just enough so that you don’t feel the hard ground underneath.

The mattress contours and takes the shape of your body for the ultimate comfort. It is also not a super firm mattress, so you can enjoy the same bed-like comfort you would get at home. This mattress allows me to get an undisturbed sleep on very many nights, and I’m sure you will love it and its comfort too.


You can take the mattress with you for winter camping, even when it is raining outside. It is made with an ergonomically designed, multiple-layered system that absorbs your body temperature. It prevents the temperature from the ground from getting through to you and ensures a small part of your heat will transfer to the ground.

The mattress has a 4.2 R-value, which is super warm; you won’t even feel the cold from the ground.


A durable product is what makes spending your money worthwhile, and the Delta mattress is one of the most durable ones around. The dual-layered material is what gives this mattress extreme durability; there are no chances of it popping on you when you’re sleeping. Its durability gives you great value for money, and you can use it for years to come.

Built-in Pillow

To complete the comfort value of this mattress, it also comes with a built-in pillow at the top of the mattress. It is a padded shape that cushions your head and neck, giving you the same comfort you would have if you were sleeping at home.

Easy to Inflate

The mattress only takes under a minute to inflate. It takes about 12-15 breaths to inflate it fully. You can also use a portable pump to fill it even easier.

What I Didn’t Like


The mattress has grooves that can pick up rocks and other debris. That can make it hard to clean when you want to pack up, delaying you from starting your day.


The fabric used for the mattress is a little thin. You can still sleep comfortably on it, but you can sometimes feel the ground beneath; this happens less if you properly inflate it, though.

Where To Purchase Delta Hiking Mattress? Delta Hiking Mattress Discount

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There are not many bad things to say about the mattress. It is one of the most comfortable, warm, and lightweight mattresses you could ever get. You will truly be blown away by the top-notch performance you will get from this mattress, and it all comes at a very affordable price, giving you a great bang for your buck.

The Delta mattress will give you hundreds of warm nights out in the wild; it is a purchase that I have never regretted, and neither will you.

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