Are Ultraboosts Good for Hiking?

While the Adidas Ultraboosts are pretty shoes, are they good for hiking? In this article, I will be reviewing these shoes to see if they are good for hiking or not. Read on to find out their features, pros, and cons so you can determine whether or not you can get a pair for your hiking escapades.

Ultraboosts Overview

Adidas Ultraboosts Overview

The Ultraboost hiking shoe is packed with unique features that truly make it the Ultraboost. They are great shoes, but primarily for streetwear, they do not hold as much traction when they come to hiking or outdoor adventures, other than regular walking or light running.

The shoe is super cool looking and can handle soft running or running on soft ground, but they are not suitable for much else. Let’s get into why I think that and which shoe you should get instead for a  more comfortable hike.

Key Features

  • Water-repellant upper
  • Updated lug tread for enhanced traction
  • High ankle collar
  • Elastic Primeknit upper
  • Continental rubber for added grip
  • Durable construction

What Stood Out

There are many things to say about the Ultraboost shoe. Some of the most impressive features of the shoe that really stood out to me include:


The Ultraboost All Terrain shoe uses Continental rubber on its outsole, which gives the shoe an incredible grip, employing automotive tire technology. It gives it an excellent grip on trails and roads. It also gives the shoe a better chance of resisting wear and tear.

You can go for both road and off-road runs and hikes with the shoe. However, they can only deal with off-road terrain for a short distance before the grip starts lessening. You can use it for daily runs following your regular routine, as long as it is not too demanding.


The shoe uses Adidas’ signature Boost to provide the ultimate, boost for lack of a better word. The technology makes the shoe’s midsole super comfortable and still lets it maintain a springy walk. The Boost technology absorbs the foot strike’s impact, releasing it during take-off to give you an energized push while walking.

It also features a removable sock liner that you can replace with a customized insole to make the shoe more suitable for your feet.

Now the Boost technology is great for everyday walking, giving you ultimate comfort. However, it doesn’t really make the shoe comfortable for running or long hikes, especially in elevated places, as it can tire your legs out or even give out before you get too far.

Primeknit Technology

The full Primeknit upper gives you a soft and elastic feel together with an adaptive coverage. The claim is that you won’t find two shoes with the same upper because of its one-of-a-kind knitting process, and I don’t have proof that says otherwise, although my shoe’s uppers feel the same to me.

The Primeknit upper has an ultra-thin film layer with a water-repellent feature, which allows you to run comfortably even in wet conditions. The layer keeps your foot dry and in momentum no matter the conditions.

The knit also makes the shoe comfortable due to its soft feel, so it won’t rub against your foot, causing unwanted friction.


The Ultraboost also features an internal midfoot skeleton. This feature gives you support, which is a great feature when running. The skeleton is paired with a mid-cut sock collar that gives you warmth, especially in cold conditions. These two features provide you with support and warmth no matter where you are using the shoe.


One of the support features that the shoe has is the midfoot skeleton that makes your foot sit comfortably on the shoe. It also has a FitCounter molded heel counter. The counter, unlike in other shoes, has a new matte texture.

This texture makes your foot feel snug and secure when wearing while still staying soft. This helps to prevent a lot of pressure on certain areas like your ankle and the Achilles, making wearing the shoe comfortable and giving you the ultimate support.

The Downsides

While the Ultraboost shoe contains a lot of great features, especially suitable for light running and hiking, the shoe isn’t made for long-distance hikes or runs. These are some of the features that make the shoe not a great one for hiking:


The Ultraboost claims to be an all-terrain shoe, but that is where we disagree. The shoe works better on the road than it does in off-road situations. When out on dirt roads, the shoe doesn’t give the same rebound as on paved roads.

The slow, much weaker rebound can easily tire you out when hiking on dirt roads. You can only use these shoes comfortably on roads or on smoother terrain.

Weather Conditions

The shoe feels much more different when used in outdoor conditions and temperatures than in indoor ones. The Boost is much less sensitive when hiking on outside temperatures, especially when it is cold than it would on hot days. This requires you to use more force while walking or running, depleting your energy faster.


The Ultraboost’s collar is uncomfortable. It rubs against your leg while running. Although there isn’t much friction to actually cause pain or harm to your leg, it is highly uncomfortable, and I could do without the constant rubbing.


The Adidas Ultraboost hiking shoe is a great shoe, just not for really serious hiking. The shoe does not adapt well to outside conditions and can easily wear out, especially the outer sole when used frequently in outdoor conditions.

You will get less support, less boost, and less comfort when using the shoe on hikes, and it gets even worse on long hikes. You can use this shoe for light running and light hiking or exercising in indoor conditions. You can also use it for regular streetwear.

Better Alternative For Hiking

Merrell Moab 2 Hiking Shoes

Instead of trying the Ultraboost, I recommend using the Merrell Moab 2 hiking shoes instead. They are super comfortable, have the right kind of boost, and, better yet, they are really suitable for any terrain. You can use the Merrell Moab 2 for long-distance walks, runs, and even hikes without feeling any fatigue.

The Merrell Moab 2 are the perfect shoes you could ever get for comfortable hiking. Get the Ultraboosts for regular walking or light running but use the Merrell Moab 2 for all your hiking needs. They truly are the best.

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