Are Crocs Good for Hiking or Not

Are Crocs Good for Hiking or Not? (Not What’d You Expect)

There has been endless debate about hiking in crocs, and if you’re here looking for an answer to the same, we’ll help you with it.

Ever since the footwear company entered the market, crocs are practically everywhere, and people have started wearing them almost every day for every occasion.

Sure, they are lightweight, affordable, and super comfortable, but should you really be wearing crocs everywhere you go? Is it really suitable for hiking? Let’s find out more about these slip-ons and dig deep in to understand if they are made for hiking or not here.

Where are Crocs Generally Used?

Where are Crocs Generally Used

Crocs are designed for casual tasks when you have to run errands or take a dip in the pool or walk to the grocery store. But it’s become so popular due to its comfort that people now wear it while going to the malls, hospitals, and even business outings.

It’s an excellent at-home wear and casual outdoor tour, but some people even use it for trekking and hiking. Yes, hiking too! Does that mean you no longer have to spend on hiking boots? Do crocs offer the same comfort as hiking boots? Honestly, it doesn’t! Read on to find out why.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing Crocs for Hiking

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing Crocs for Hiking

Though crocs are not designed for hiking, few people prefer them due to their comfort and versatility. But others hate wearing crocs for hiking. Before we dig deep into this, let’s look at some of the upsides and downsides of wearing crocs for hiking and everyday use here.

Pros of Using Crocs for Hiking

Here are the four main advantages of using crocs for hiking:

It’s Affordable

Hiking boots and shoes are pretty expensive, and you may have to invest in them every 6 months or if you’ve completed 300-500 miles. Now that’s an investment, and hiking boots are great if you’re ready to spend more than 100 dollars frequently!

But if you want to experience nature without spending too much on shoes, crocs are your best bet. They are functional and easy to take care of. You can even buy a new pair if it gets ruined during a hike at a low cost which is why many prefer crocs over hiking boots today.

It’s Comfortable, Breathable, and Dries Quickly

Crocs are popular due to their comfort, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t wear them for hiking if you find it works the best for you. Though not all hikers will approve of this, it all comes down to what’s best for you.

Hiking boots are designed purely for hiking; you can wear them if you find crocs to work the same as hiking boots. There’s a lot of room to breathe, and they dry quickly, too, if you have to walk on streams during your hike.

The holes in the crocs keep your feet cool even when you sweat, which may not be the case with boots.

You can Buy Crocs in Different Styles

Crocs, though all tend to look almost the same, there are different styles you can go for. You can buy crocs in different styles from Classic Clog, On-the-clock Work Slip-on, to Classic All-Terrain Clog. Since crocs are available at affordable prices, you can buy many for the price of hiking boots. Since crocs are now a fashion statement, you can go for it if you find them to be a statement too. Of course, when you’re hiking, comfort should be your priority rather than looks, but crocs can offer both simultaneously.

They are Extremely Durable

Crocs are resilient, and you need not worry about walking on rugged terrains with them. They are incredibly durable and can last for years without wear and tear.

The Croslite material makes crocs withstand anything, making them a favorite. It’s also scratch-resistant and slip-resistant, and no wonder it’s used by many for hiking. Due to its cushiony and roomy feel, one can wear it without worrying about getting hurt during long hikes.

Once you invest in it, you don’t have to worry about buying another pair soon. Now that we know why people prefer crocs, let’s see why others don’t use them for hiking.

Cons of Wearing Crocs for Hiking

Since crocs are not designed solely for hiking, they have some disadvantages, which we will see here.

Holes in the Crocs May be Annoying

If you’re hiking on gravel trails, small rocks and other stones may get into the holes of the crocs and cause uneasiness when hiking. You may even find thorns or sharp objects that can poke you through the holes and hinder your hiking experience.

On the other hand, hiking boots are safe due to their design, and it doesn’t matter if you’re hiking on even terrains or gravel trails.

Though crocs can be used for hiking, you cannot always rely on them for every location and climate. You need to keep a pair of hiking boots to suit different seasons.

Less Grip and the Thin Sole May Hurt your Feet

Due to the thin soles of crocs, if you’re walking on rough terrains, you may slip and fall. So, you may end up with sore feet or thorns and rocks in your crocs which can harm your feet.

Crocs also do not provide ankle support, and since ankle support is essential for hiking, you need to think twice before using crocs for hiking.

Due to these, hiking boots are widely preferred for their firm grip and excellent ankle support. You can walk without slipping or worrying about removing them to get rid of the thorns and pebbles in your shoes.

May not Be Ideal when you Have to Walk in Water

Crocs function well when walking on water as they are water-proof, but if it is too cold, you don’t want to dip your feet in extreme cold, right? Hiking is an adventurous activity, and if you want it to be a smooth sail, crocs may not work the best for you.

Crocs are functional, but they may not be the best for hiking. Hiking boots keep your feet dry and help you walk on waterfall trails easily.

They are safe and comfortable too. Crocs can make your feet miserable and hard to move on large boulders. So hiking boots or hiking shoes are always preferred.

So are Crocs Good for Hiking?

So are Crocs Good for Hiking

So now that you’ve read about the disadvantages of using crocs for hiking, are they perfect for hiking on different trails and weather conditions? Well, it depends.

Here are the places where crocs can work.

Depends on the climate

When hiking in cold winters, you do not want to get your feet numb or cold with crocs. Due to the ventilation holes present on crocs, in cold conditions during rainy and winter seasons, you may get frostbite and be unable to move.

If you’re into serious hiking, you need to avoid wearing crocs during such harsh climatic conditions to save yourself from sore feet and other problems. Since the trails can be slippery during cold weather, hiking boots are always preferred for added safety and firm grip.

The Type of Trail you will be Hiking On

Since crocs are designed for casual wear, they work well on even terrains due to their available breathing space. But if you’re hiking on waterfall trails, hilly areas, or mountainous trails, crocs can cause you to slip and fall, leaving you in pain.

If you still think crocs are comfortable for hilly trails, you can wear them on one of your hikes and see if it works well. Remember to keep a pair of shoes with you if crocs cause discomfort.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wear Crocs for Your Next Hike

Why You Shouldn’t Wear Crocs for Your Next Hike

So far, we’ve learned that crocs are designed for simple tasks and have their own disadvantages while hiking. Every time you go hiking, you need to check the weather condition and trail you will be hiking on before deciding on the proper footwear.

Instead of going through the hassle of making such decisions, why not just buy hiking boots or shoes that work well for all climates and trails.

Here are the main reasons why you shouldn’t wear crocs for hiking.

Crocs are Not Designed for Adventurous Activities

They are not designed for outdoor activities and have thin soles, which may not work the best on rugged terrains. Improper footwear can cause cuts, wounds, and blisters, which can be avoided by simply going with hiking boots.

Crocs are Not for Wet Trails

Crocs become heavy when wet, so they may not be the best option if you’re hiking on water trails or during winter seasons. The chances of slipping and falling are higher with crocs, so safety is a concern.

Crocs are Best Only for Casual Tasks

They do not have thick soles that can last for many hikes. The thin soles of crocs can wear out after one or two hikes. Since they are designed only for simple tasks, they may not last for a long time if you use them for hiking.

So, What Can you Wear for Hiking?

So, What Can you Wear for Hiking

We don’t recommend crocs for hiking, mainly because they just aren’t designed for hiking. If you’re not a hiking enthusiast but go on hikes once in a while, crocs may be for you. But if you’re someone who frequently goes hiking, crocs are definitely not for you.

So, here we have listed some popular hiking boots and shoes that you can buy for your next hike. These boots are functional, comfortable, and waterproof, making them the best shoes for hiking. Let’s look at them in detail and their features here below:

1. Merrell Moab 2 Hiking Shoes

These boots are waterproof, breathable, and highly comfortable. You can wear it during the winter or rainy seasons as the waterproof membrane lets water and moisture escape keeping your feet dry. The boots are stylish and comfortable, giving ample breathability.

It has good ankle support and grip, making it the best for any hiking trail. It is made of durable leather and a support footbed to support your feet.

There is a metal hook along with traditional lace. You can quickly move on wet surfaces without slipping as the boots are made of a slip-resistant rubber sole.

Merrel is a famous brand that has sold over 28 million shoes worldwide, so if you’re looking for hiking boots or replacing your old boots, this might be the one. They are available at reasonable rates too. So, whether you’re going for a serious hike or a casual one, Merrel’s hiking boots work the best.

Where to get Merrell Moab 2 Hiking Shoes?

You can purchase Merrell Moab 2 Hiking Shoes here on Amazon

2. La Sportiva Spire GTX Hiking Shoes

Available in two colors, these Spire GTX hiking boots are lightweight and perfect for hiking and backpacking. The design of the boots is stylish and perfect, and the construction is incredible. It’s breathable due to its Nano Cell 2.0 structure and is abrasion resistant, making hiking a pleasant experience.

It is comfortable and fits snugly while also providing maximum traction and grip. It keeps your feet warm during cold temperatures and cool during warm conditions. The soles of the boots are firm and grippy.

If you’re looking for comfortable hiking boots that fit you perfectly, you can go for this. Available at low costs, you can get through most accents quickly with these boots.

They are also waterproof, so you can wear them in snow and on wet surfaces without worrying about getting your feet wet. So, all in all, if you want hiking boots that are durable and comfortable with tight grips, this might be the one.

Where to get La Sportiva Spire GTX Hiking Shoes?

You can purchase La Sportiva Spire GTX Hiking Shoes here on Amazon

3. Salomon X Ultra 4 Mid GTX Hiking Boots

These boots are the best if you’re a hiker who always travels light. This is a stylish hiking boot with lace-up closure made of rubber. It offers all-around comfort and fits well.

It offers excellent stability, traction, and support, and you can easily move on slippery slopes and wet terrains. It is water-resistant, keeps your feet dry when hiking on waterfall trails, and protects your feet well.

Since ankle protection is essential when buying hiking boots, this Salomon X Ultra 4 mid-GTX provides ample ankle protection against rocks and sharp obstacles. The build quality and durability of the boots are incredible, so if you’re looking for boots that have all the features at reasonable rates, you can go for this.

You get these boots in various sizes, and they fit well across all the sizes. This is another best hiking boot that more hiking enthusiasts prefer today.

Where to get Salomon X Ultra 4 Mid GTX Hiking Boots?

You can purchase Salomon X Ultra 4 Mid GTX Hiking Boots here on Amazon

Why are Hiking Shoes/Boots Better than Crocs?

Why are Hiking Shoes/Boots Better than Crocs

Hiking boots are designed especially for hiking on both rough and even terrains. They are constructed to provide maximum comfort, breathability, and support for the feet since you will be walking for long hours on unpredictable surfaces.

They are built precisely knowing what hikers need, which is not the case with crocs. Crocs aren’t designed keeping hiking in mind but for everyday tasks like running errands.

So for short distances, crocs are perfect, but you need shoes that provide maximum comfort and durability for long hikes. Due to this very reason, crocs are not recommended for hiking.

Final Thoughts

We looked at the pros and cons of using crocs for hiking and the conditions where crocs work the best for hikers. On the other hand, we’ve also detailed why crocs should not be used for hiking and why they aren’t the best when it comes to hiking.

So, if you still wish to try crocs on your next hike, you can go ahead, and if it works perfectly fine for you, you can use it for hiking. But we do not recommend using crocs for hiking due to the many downsides of it.

Sure, hiking boots are pricier, but they will keep your feet safe from sharp obstacles and frostbites during winter.

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